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“Why was driedfoodstorage.net created? We wanted to help you out with your second tier of food storage preparations after you learned to grow your own food, and put up your grains and beans.
How can we offer you such low prices? It’s simple. We care more about you getting food than we care about us making lots of money. It’s true, it is all about the future, and we want to help those who are humble enough to be like squirrels and store quality food.

We hope you tell your friends about buying from us. We will rely on selling in volume, that is how we will make money and be a profitable company that is run on the values of sharing and excellence.

We offer three product windows to buy at discounted cost.

FREEZE DRIED– The best way to store delicious, convenient, and quick cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also buy diced beef or chicken to add to your other food storage recipes.

AIR DEHYDRATED VEGETABLES AND BEANS– A great way to make your own nutritionally packed soups and meals. Mmm, mashed potatoes! Split pea soup in 10 min! From broccoli to tomato dices, these quality dried foods come to you so you can vacuum seal them and make variety veggie buckets! (Carrots,onions,broccoli,peas etc in one bucket ready to be reconstituted with your rice or other grains)

ORGANIC SPROUTING SEEDS & SPICES– Clean foods for you to create gourmet meals from. Spices will make your meals distinguished and distinctive! Sprouted seeds will provide you with a live food source!

Why buy from us? We provide you with the best freeze dried foods, at rock bottom prices, so you can store more for you and your family.

As a supporter of your sovereignty, we care about you and are here to provide you with the best freeze dried food, dehydrated vegetables and beans, organic sprouting seeds, organic spices and recipes for you to be able to always cook nutritious and tasty meals.
Our shopping cart is not ready yet, so you can order your food via the email. We have a three interactive spreadsheets for you to buy from (freeze dried, dehydrated, organics). These order forms will tally up your order for you so you know how much your total is at all times.”

“5% of my profits benefit the Children’s School of Excellence [CSE in Rainier].

Cheryl Nichols
Rainier, WA.

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