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Yesterday [April 3], the property owners within the 2600 foot radius of the Wood & Son gravel pit on Bald Hill Road received a memo and letter from Thurston County Development Services of which the administrative determination may be of interest to parties beyond the distance mandated for such notices in the county code.

After an initial review of the memo, a letter to Mr. Wood and the records at the Thurston County Permit Assistance Center and Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources [DNR], the appearance is the mine has been operating without permits from either the county or the state for many years.

There are several area residents and land owners reviewing the issue regarding appeal.
Interested parties who wish to be keep updated on investigations into an appeal of the administrative determination to “grandfather” the mine may email Concerned Citizens: owlhill7777@fairpoint.net.
Please see this memo from Thurston County Development Services to interested parties.

The Nisqually Valley News published this front-page story on March 28, 2008 about “Wood & Son found to be out of compliance”.

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  1. I wish all the busy bodies in this communist county would tend to their own affairs. This is the action of pure communism in place. That pit was originally operated by the county even though it was owned by a private party and then the county aquired its own later which it still operated from. Why are you people so interested in driving prices even higher?? Where is the limit. You all turn aroung and bitch at all for the high prices of construction. This sort of action keeps the prices high. You are stopping the excercise of feedom and the freedom of choice. You are getting exactly what you deserve. When the price of fuel is 10.00 per gallon and land is sold by the square foot and no one can afford their property any longer maybe then you will stop and look at what HAPPENED!!!
    Raymond Jarlik-Bell
    Heil Hitler!!!

    Comment by Raymond Jarlik-Bell on April 17, 2008 at 5:33 am

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