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The Nisqually Stream Stewards have only a few seats left for students who can complete the course in those spots . Also, students are asked to pledge 40 hours of volunteer activity with us or another organization, that benefits their community or surrounding communities in some way.

(June 4 thru July 19) Class Schedule and Locations
Class days: Wednesday evenings, and Tuesday, July 1, 6pm to 9pm
Field Tours: Saturdays, 9am to 3pm

Wednesday June 4th, 6pm to 9pm
Location- Yelm School District Office Building- Board Room

DON PERRY-Nisqually Tribe Salmon Recovery Outreach Coordinator,
Participant Introductions, Overview of Stream Stewards Course
Goals, Expectations, Volunteer Opportunities. Watershed Geography, GIS maps
and Review. PAT PRINGLE- Assistant Professor of Earth Science, Centralia College- How the Nisqually River Watershed Was Formed – Geology and Soils of the Nisqually Basin (including prairie formations and the establishment of the river and delta). DON PERRY- The Nisqually Stream Stewards Program- Mission Statement and Goals-Volunteer Components Including Salmon Watchers, Restoration-Site Stewards, Habitat Restoration, Water-Q Monitoring, Macro-Invertebrate Training, volunteer opportunities.
JENNIFER CUTLER- Nisqually Tribe GIS Program Manager, The Role of Global Information Systems in Salmon Recovery Work and Natural Resources Management.

Wednesday June 11th, 6pm to 9pm
Location- Pack Forest Center for Sustainable Forestry, room Macbride 102

TOM TOUSE- Pack Forest Outreach Specialist-Forest ecosystems of the
Nisqually Watershed. Sustainable Forestry. Visit to Old-Growth Tree Stands on Pack Forest. MASON McKINLEY- The Nature Conservancy- The Prairie Ecosystems of the Nisqually; Intro to First Field trip on Ft. Lewis PrairieDistribute Map, Discuss Logistics, Topics. KIRK HANSON- Northwest Certified Resource Group- Promoting Innovative Forest Management Strategies for Small Forestland Owners.

FIELD-TOUR, Saturday June 14th, 9am to 3pm
Location- various watershed sites

EMILIANO PEREZ- Nisqually Tribe Field Technician-Tour of Nisqually Tribe Clear Creek Hatchery; Discussion of Purpose and Goals; ROD GILBERT- Fort Lewis Restoration Biologist- Tour of Fort Lewis Prairie Community; Tour of Fort. Lewis Restoration Sites.

Wednesday June 18th, 6pm to 9pm
Location- Yelm School District Office Building- Board Room

LINDA KUNZE, Nisqually Land Trust- Protecting Riverine Habitat and More: The Nisqually Land Trust, History and Mission. JEANETTE DORNER- Nisqually Tribe Salmon Recovery Program Manager-Salmon of the Nisqually Watershed and Salmon Recovery. JEANETTE DORNER/ DON PERRY- Looking Forward; Transforming Education into Action.

FIELD-TOUR, Saturday June 21st, 9am to 3pm
Location- Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

JACKIE LARUE-Volunteer Coordinator, NNWR, Orientation to
the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, its Habitats and Management; SEAN MacDOUGALL- Program Manager,Pierce County Noxious Weed Program, Invasive Plants of the Nisqually Watershed; JESSE BARHAM-Native Plant Restoration Biologist, Nisqually Tribe Salmon Recovery Program; Nisqually Estuary Restoration Project on Braget Marsh.

Wednesday June 25th, 6pm to 9pm
Location-Ohop Grange

TIM ABBE-Senior Geomorphologist, Entrix, Inc.- Streams of the Nisqually WatershedCharacteristics. FLORIAN LEISCHNER- Restoration Biologist Nisqually Salmon Recovery Program- Habitat Conditions, Stream Restoration Principles – Including Highlights of Recent and Future Stream Restoration Projects of the Nisqually

Tuesday, July 1st, 6pm to 9pm
Location- Nisqually Reach Nature Center at Luhr Beach

DANIEL HULL- Nature Center Director, Nature Center Activities, Mission and
Goals; Collection and ID of Puget Sound Aquatic Life-Forms. SAYRE HODGSON/CHRIS ELLINGS- Research Biologists, Nisqually Tribe Salmon Recovery Program- Juvenile Salmon Census Beach Seine activity; The Importance of Near-Shore Marine Habitat to Juvenile Salmon; Nisqually Estuary Research Findings;Steelhead Tagging.

Wednesday July 9th, 6pm to 9pm
Location- Yelm School District Office Building

GEORGIANA KAUTZ- Nisqually Tribe Natural Resource Manager, Chief Leschi- His Life and Exoneration; The Boldt Decision and Nisqually Fishing War History ; ED BERGH- History Instructor, Yelm High School, Early Pioneer Settlement of the Nisqually Basin.

FIELD-TOUR, Saturday July 12th, 9am to 3pm
Location- Mt. Rainer National Park

Nisqually River Watershed- Including Nisqually River Hydrology and Life Zones From Sub Alpine to Lowland Old-Growth Forest, and the Nisqually Glacier.

Wednesday, July 16th , 6pm to 9pm
Location- Ohop Grange

DAVID TROUTT/STEVE PRUITT, Nisqually River Council, Foundation, and Citizens Advisory Committee-Discussion of Nisqually Watershed Stewardship PlanGoals, Opportunities, for Volunteers.
ERICA GUTTMAN-Native Plant Salvage Project/DAVID HYMEL-Program Manager, Stewardship Partners; Designing Your Own Rain Gardens; STEPHANIE SNYDER/JACKSON SILLARS, Garden Raised Bounty; PAT RASMUSSEN, Terracommons-Nourishing a Strong Community by Empowering People to Grow Food at Home.

FIELD-TOUR, Saturday July 19th, 9am to 3:30pm
Graduation and More!!!
Location- Ohop Grange and various watershed sites

FLORIAN LEISCHNER- Salmon Habitat Restoration, Large Woody
Debris Projects on Mashel River; Graduation Celebration, Volunteer and Partner Organization Recognition and Awards/Traditional Salmon Bake by the Wells Family (Nisqually Tribe) at Ohop Grange. Laura Lynn & Students of Wa-He-Lut Indian School Perform River Songs. Blessing by Nisqually Tribal Elder Bob Sison.

For more information, contact:

Don Perry
Nisqually Stream Stewards Coordinator
(360) 438-8687 ext. 2143

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