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I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in the Yelm Community Blog.

I started this in Spring 2006 after many said I should share my views with the community – views that challenged this community to think of local issues from a different angle. I had then written the NVN editor to inquire about writing a regular column for our local newspaper and was declined (however, D. Klein is my brother David! smile).
A local web host at the time encouraged me to start my own Blog and offered to set-up the site. This was on top of being approached by a web addresses owner to buy his links “Yelm.com, “City of Yelm.com” and “Yelm Community.net” which I did. Certainly seemed like all fell into place to get started.

At first, I wrote only a few columns a week, growing steadily to one or two daily.
Immediately upon starting the Blog, the Nisqually Valley News editor wrote a stinging rebuke about blogs and this blogger in particular, in his editorial.
Soon after, his newspaper’s internet address changed from Nisqually Valley Online to Yelm Online and he, too, started a blog on his newspaper’s website. I direct your attention and invite all of you to also read the NVN’s blog & forum, which offers their views about our community. As Yelm Community Blog readers know, the NVN is often quoted here.
Our differences are what make us great!

As we all know, Blogs have become part of the fabric of America’s sharing of information.

I certainly have continued this in hope’s that these entries have assisted in bringing greater knowledge on issues to our community. Little did I know that this Blog has reached across the country, as new people look to move to Yelm turn to the Blog to gather information about the community, local businesses and what is making news here.

Recently, I have given thought to closing down the Blog and walking away because of the time-consuming work that getting a story line right requires. Every time I am about to go that route, I get someone telling me what a difference the blog’s in-depth coverage on an issue has meant to a greater understanding for all.

Last week, I sat down with a reader whom I have not seen in a 1/2 dozen years and he told me all that he has learned about the area from the Yelm Blog he never knew, and he has lived here for 20 years!
He expressed what a challenge I must have to be perceived as a dissenter on local affairs week in and week out by officials and many in the community. He encouraged me to continue to share my viewpoints with the community, telling me that dissent is protected by our Constitution and is a hallmark of the American way of life.
He told me not to be intimidated by the newspaper, other website’s critiques, the local establishment or others who just criticize from the sidelines and do not get involved. He also said the Blog provides an invaluable service no one else does around here, with archives where any subject can be searched and then accessed going back to the first 2006 entry. That made me pause and reflect.

The hundreds of daily readers who stay on the Blog for more than 30 seconds is indicative that visitors have come to the blog to read the entries, and did not get to this link by accident. I am pleased to note that Yelm.com is continually in the top ten, first page listing on Google when searching the word “Yelm.”

So, as I am into my third year as host of the Yelm Community Blog, I thank you for your support and interest, whether you agree or not with what I pen.

This Blog is here to serve the community, and many have stepped forward to write Guest Entires about their area of expertise. I invite all of you to share and pen your Guest Entry this Summer. You are an asset to the community and YOUR views and experience help to make the Greater Yelm Area Greater.

With sincere appreciation,

Steve Klein

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  1. Steve,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I think you’re a lucky guy to have such a large stable of staff writers. Your blog is way too extensive to be done alone.

    Comment by Bill Owen on June 9, 2008 at 7:01 pm

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