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Hi Everyone,

We are having a meeting of the Yelm Animal Alliance in McKenna on Tuesday at 6:00 PM, at the Liquid Soul Cafe which is located in that new mall next to the McKenna Post Office.

Liquid Soul Cafe
35025 90th Ave. So. #10
Phone: 400-SOUL

“The Yelm Animal Alliance is now a non-profit. We have also helped dogs from surrounding areas.

I’m in need of people offering to help me. I need people to put up found-dog fliers when we get a new dog. I need pictures from a digital camera and I need help calling people for follow-ups on checking on the dogs and the people who want dogs.

I have not been to the Yelm facility in a few weeks. I believe we need to make an appointment to be able to go in the facility and check it out. They are making improvements to make conditions better, but there is still much to be done to bring it up to acceptable standards. Lynn Brewer from the Yelm Animal Alliance is working with city officials.

I’M STILL LOOKING FOR SIGNS THAT SAY ANIMAL SHELTER with an arrow pointing in the right direction [of Yelm’s animal shelter].

Thanks again for all of the public concern. I do wish Yelm City Council and the Mayor would touch basis with Rainier and get some good information from them.”

Diana Crimi

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