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Jean Handley with Yelm’s Timberland Librarian Kristin Blalack
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“In this long season of campaigning I thought this quirky encounter would bring some joviality:

Doing my gig at Costco Saturday [Aug. 2] I spotted Gov. Chris Gregoire. I got up my chutzpa and introduced myself to her. She took my outstretched hand. I said, “Governor, I am Jean Handley and I am voting for JeanMarie Christenson.”

I quickly went on to say, as I was on the Costco time clock, that I had been wanting to send her an email since the last winter’s big storms. I told her that I like many others were glued to the radio during the outages. The only time I heard about her was days later. I told her that I believed she was behind her desk working but that she didn’t show herself until the tour in Woodinville. She immediately replied that she was in Chehalis every day. I said good… you learned. Next time… get on the radio. I don’t care if you are listing Red Cross shelters. People are eager to listen to leadership.

She leaned in replying, “Well said.” Then I went back to work.”


“Dear Ms. Rae:

Thank you for contacting me regarding voter registration services to veterans. I appreciate hearing from you.

Senator Patty Murray

From Ms. Rae:
Dear Senator Murray:

Thanks for asking about Yelm. Actually we are in a battle over the Thurston Highlands project of several hundred new homes. This project appears to be being pushed through without thought to the environmental consequences of having that many new people on land that has not been proven ready to sustain that kind of a load. The environmental impact report far exceeds the page limit set forth by State law and it is not written in plain language. Those of us in the area are very concerned as we all have wells that supply the water to our homes Yet this information, so important to our lives and land, is inaccessible.
The traffic in Yelm, as you may be aware, is quite congested because new building has already advanced far beyond the capacity of our current roadways. Those involved with the Thurston Highlands project have suggested cutting through private lands for “easy access.” Most of us moved out here for the quiet of the country. Others who have lived here all of their lives are watching commerce trounce their homeland.
There are many suburban type subdivisions already built here and they are not selling well. The whole idea of another one troubles the community greatly.
If this could be investigated by anyone in your office, my neighbors and I would be most grateful.

I thank you as always for your service on our behalf.

Warmest regards,
Melody Rae

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