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Water system concerns dismissed
“Concerns expressed by Tahoma Terra developers about JZ Knights water system were reviewed and dismissed by the state Department of Health.”

[ED. NOTE: This writer found the front page, sensational headlines in the Nisqually Valley News on August 15th about accusations made by Thurston Highlands/Tahoma Terra developers Steve Chamberlain & Doug Bloom concerning water rights on JZ Knight’s property and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) must be some journalistic attempt to sell newspapers. Seems like the modus-operandi at the NVN is to throw mud hoping it will stick and deal with the full story in-context later, once they do more homework. There was another front-page follow-up in the NVN on this issue on August 29th. Once an investigation was completed by the Washington State’s Depts. of Ecology and Health, the results finding Ms. Knight’s property in total compliance was in a small title in the lower left front-page of last Friday’s newspaper, under another sensationalistic headline with accusations hurled against Ms. Knight by a former employee from 17 years ago, renowned city volunteer, Yelm Chamber of Commerce President-elect & Mayor-appointed citizen committee official Glen Cunningham. Where was the top front-page headline “Bloom & Chamberlain’s concerns have no merit say 2 State agencies?”]

“Concerns expressed by Tahoma Terra developers about JZ Knights water system were reviewed and dismissed by the state Department of Health.

‘Our staff had a meeting with them (Tahoma Terras Doug Bloom and Steve Chamberlain),’ said Carolyn Cox, public information coordinator for the DOH. ‘We were able to bridge some misunderstandings.’

In a letter dated Wednesday, Sept. 10, Bloom and Chamberlain alleged non-compliance by Knights Ramtha School of Enlightenment and asked the Department of Health to look into the schools water system.

Bloom and Chamberlain claimed that Knight was overusing her water rights, violating a 100-foot setback of Thompson Creek and exceeding capacity.

Knight is fighting the approval of five developments in Yelm, including Tahoma Terra. Knight is arguing that the City of Yelm does not have enough water rights to accommodate the growth…

‘The Department of Ecologys Report of Examination regarding (Knights) water rights shows that each attendee would use an average of 35 gallons per day and each staff member would use 15,’ Cox said…

‘Ecologys approval of that projected use is good through 2013, and they see no problem with (Knights) water rights.’…

‘The Office of Drinking Water has looked into the developers concerns,’ she said.

‘We are satisfied that the water system is operating within its water rights and we see no need to adjust usage/event attendance limits in their Water System Approval document.’

Cox said her staff has thoroughly looked into Bloom and Chamberlains concerns and are satisfied with the findings.

‘From our perspective as the water system regulator, (Knights) water system is in good standing,’ Cox said.”

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