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Greetings One and All!
We hope you are enjoying the Autumn colors this week!
The following is information about a very special Evening in the Blue.

On Saturday, Nov. 1st,
the Blue Bottle will be hosting the Musical Trio,
Just for Fun:
Sonia Peas, Din Wilkie, Greg Roth.
The evening begins at 7:00 pm with dinner and live music.
Tickets are $30.

This evening is intimate, with limited seating, so hurry down to the Blue Bottle to ensure your “Just for Fun” evening!
Experience an evening of fine wine, fabulous food, and exceptional music!

The Blue Bottle is now serving beer & wine.

Thank You all!

The Blue Bottle
309 Yelm Ave E
Yelm, WA. 98597
Blue Bottle By Day,
Blue Note By Night


Yelm artist Suzanne Wood will be featured



Let us share with you
Our Art
Come drink wine with us
Come listen to music
Come eat food and celebrate
with us!

Featured will be the works of:

Suzanne Wood Hashim
oil & watercolor

– Rella Schafer
painting & sculpture

Bon Vernarelli
jewelry & holloware

-Prisca Barnes Dodge

Saturday, November 1
6 – 9pm

Schafer Gallery
104 Yelm Ave. E.
Yelm, WA. 98597

Show continues through November 3!



October 28, 2008

To Mayor Harding & the Yelm City Council;

Many of you have lived most or all of your lives in Yelm and have given much of your time and energy to serving your friends, neighbors and families in this community each of you so dearly cherish and call home. Certainly being elected as Mayor and City Council is a reflection of the trust this towns voters have put in your stewardship. Thats why the Citys October 10th Water Press Release and this NVN headline Lawsuit Ruling: Business as usual is so baffling to me.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham issued his Letter Opinion in the case of JZ Knight vs. the City of Yelm et al on October 7 agreeing with petitioner Knight that the City does not have sufficient water to support the five developments at issue. City attorney Richard Settle is quoted saying he is pleased and not surprised by Judge Wickhams favorable decision.

Favorable decision for the City?

Thats not what the Judge stated when he instructed the City of Yelm needs to make clear that proof of adequate potable water must be made at the time of final plat approval and not as late as the issuance of a building permit.

Wickhams decisions were not mentioned at all by the City or the NVN. Quite the contrary, quoting the Press Release, To set aside water rights at a time other than building permit does not make sense. In essence, the City would have to set aside water for lots that might not ever be developed, said Yelm Mayor Ron Harding, who is happy with the decision.

If the judge had agreed with Knight, Harding explained, all growth in Yelm, including the construction of new homes and businesses would stop.

Reading this, I can either ascertain one of three things happened:

1. The Letter Opinion was not read by the City and Mayor,

2. The Letter Opinion was read and not understood, or

3. The Press Release was a not-so-subtle, calculated and deliberate attempt at subterfuge of the truth and public trust.

All three of these options are not indicative of responsible leaders and the third one is a flagrant violation of the very community you swore to serve.

For City Administrator Badger to say the $145,000 the city has spent on legal fees responding to Knights lawsuit boils down to being ironic that the decision equates to Yelm doing business as usual strains the credibility of this Chamber & City Hall. The Judge cited the Washington Water Code, the Revised Code of Washington and the Yelm Municipal Code all required by the City to be followed on this issue. If the City would have followed these Codes enacted to protect public welfare, this case would not have been necessary. Myself and others have spoken for years on the record about this issue, all while the City kept defending an interpretation that water would only have to be proven at the building permit phase and not before.

Steve Chamberlain & Doug Blooms Letter to the Editor saying they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of our hard-earned money in attorney and consultant fees defending our livelihood shows that they threw their bags in with the City without proper due-diligence & foresight. I would never spend my hard-earned money developing land unless I had confirmed from the State that a City could supply the water they say they could, lest I be holding the bag and not be able to recoup my development costs [Ed. Note: The State Dept. of Ecology determines water rights availability for the City, NOT the City of Yelm. Therefore, to rely on the City of Yelm’s determination of water rights was a key flaw by these two men in spending their money to develop here. Why did they not go to Ecology first, since they were proposing such large projects requiring alot of water?]

Well, the State Dept. of Ecology in an Amicus Brief signed by the Asst. Attorney General and entered into the record by the Judge states, the City of Yelm does not currently have sufficient primary water rights to supply the new residences associated with the subject preliminary subdivision approvals. Ecology has the authority to issue enforcement orders and penalties to those who violate the Washington Water Code or the terms and conditions of water rights. Ecology notes it has the authority to enforce against the City of Yelm if it exceeds its water limitations.

Business as usual?

Perhaps, if subterfuge, not coming clean with the public and giving the citys newspaper of record a less than complete Press Release of the Judges Opinion are ways City Hall continues to conduct itself in this case.

Frankly, I have not seen such a black eye bestowed upon this city since this Council voted to restrict the public from mentioning the word Wal-Mart in its chambers in 2005.

Judge Wickhams decision is expected next week making his Letter final. Then, will the City conduct business as usual?


Steve Klein

[Ed. Note: When I sat down, Mayor Harding said,
“I want to say this for the record.
The NVN received the Judge’s Letter as well,
and came to the same conclusion as the City.”

I said, “I noticed.”

NVN reporter Megan Hansen was there.

For the Mayor to call me anti-growth and Bloom/Chamberlain to make me and others the issue is a very good distraction for them to present, however I have always stated and am on-the-record for years speaking of Yelm’s City Hall following the laws, Comp. Plans & Codes enacted to protect the public. I am for providing developments with proper road, water, sewage infrastructure BEFORE moving forward and straining the resources and environment.

Sounds like the City should consider a new attorney and if “Business as usual” is going to be the direction Mayor Harding is going to lead, the City would be wise to increase their budget for more litigation and attorney fees!]


At the last Yelm City Council Meeting, the Council members were told the recycle bins are being removed in Yelm because even with home recycling, the demand has not slackened here and the county feels businesses are using the Yelm facility that should be paying for their own recycling and that there should be some reduction in flow at that facility because of home recycling and there has not been .
Also cited was the cost to the CIty of Yelm in maintenance workers having to attend to the garbage left at the site and the clean-up of an unsightly area.

The NVN on this story: CLICK HERE

“Free recycling options shrink
Five blue box locations in county to close Jan. 1,”
quoting The Olympian.


Its official:

Bar Cinco is closing its doors on Sunday, November 2.

“Its been so great to meet the many wonderful people who frequent Bar 5! We appreciate your support and will fondly remember the good times weve shared with you. Be sure to stop in during the next two weeks to enjoy some tapas, beverages and say goodbye.

If youre a wine lover, join us on Tuesday. All bottles are offered at one-half price. Try a special wine or enjoy your regular favorite at a discount.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 31: Halloween Party. Show-off your best costume and win a prize! Music by Eclipse starts around 8:30 pm.

Saturday, November 1: Paella Party. Will begin serving meat and seafood paella at 6:30 pm and will continue till its gone. Make your reservation soon (360 400-9000).

Notable Notes
Tuesday thru Friday – Happy Hour from opening till 6pm – $1 discount on all Bar Cinco Specialty Drinks and 50 discount on all beers
Tuesday – 50% off on all bottles of wine. Try a special wine at a discount
Free Internet Access”

Bar Cinco
704 W Yelm Avenue
Yelm WA 98597
(360) 400-9000




“The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) are pleased to announce another round of funding for the Nisqually Community Salmon Fund. The Nisqually Community Salmon Fund awards grants of up to $75,000 for smaller-scale, community-based restoration projects that reflect the goals of local salmon recovery strategies.

The goals of the Nisqually Community Salmon Fund are to:
Fund habitat protection and restoration projects that have a substantial benefit to watershed health and are consistent with local salmon recovery plans.
Encourage landowners, business owners, and community groups to become engaged in salmon habitat conservation and stewardship.
Stimulate creativity and leadership among various constituencies to address conservation needs, especially farmers, rural forest landowners, suburban homeowners, businesses, and industries.

Eligible costs under the Nisqually Community Salmon Fund are:
Restoration of habitat within and along salmon-bearing rivers, streams, and the marine nearshore.
Project design and development that is anticipated to lead to an on-the-ground restoration project within 18 months.
Creative partnerships for salmon recovery that address the eventual implementation of restoration work. (Examples of eligible projects under this category include: coordinating a farmers group interested in riparian restoration, organizing salmon workshops with streamside businesses, or doing targeted outreach to neighborhood groups to explore local restoration options. The goal of these activities is to engage new communities in salmon recovery and enlist prospective landowners willing to participate in on-the-ground restoration work.)
Maintenance of previously awarded Community Salmon Fund projects. Grantees of projects funded under previous CSF rounds are encouraged to apply for funds to conduct on-site maintenance of CSF-funded project activities and deliverables.

Applications for the Nisqually Community Salmon Fund are due November 12th, 2008. Applicants will be notified of the results by January 12th, 2009. Please note: Funded projects must be completed by September 30th, 2010.

For more information about the Community Salmon Fund application process, contact Brian Ferrasci-OMalley with Evergreen Funding Consultants ( at (206) 691-0700. For information about local salmon recovery priorities, please contact Jeanette Dorner (, Nisqually Lead Entity Coordinator at (360) 438-8687. This document and links to the application form are available at”


Great tips from KING-5 News:
1. Use insulation made from denim scraps. One brand is called Ultra Touch. Just place it in uninsulated walls and watch your savings increase. “This is green insulation, even greener than usual because it’s made of denim scraps. It comes from a blue jean factory,” said Tom Watson, King Co. EcoConsumer.

2. Use a Kill-a-Watt Meter. Plug your appliances into the $25 device and it will tell you how much energy you are using. This will help you find the “energy vampires,” or appliances that use the most energy.

3. Use a vacancy sensor. “These automatically turn the lights off when somebody isn’t in the room,” Watson said. “It’s great if you have teenagers.”

4. Burn incense and watch where the smoke blows. “Well this is just simple incense, it’s a neat little trick because what it can do, it can show you where your leaks are,” said Rem Husted, of PSE. Just wave it around windows, and where the smoke blows toward you, there’s a leak.

5. A programmable thermostat is easily installed and saves big on power use when you’re in bed or not home.”

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