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NVN Editor/Publisher Graves called my letter last week a threat to local business owners and said “that kind of talk smacks of schoolyard bullying and has no place in an otherwise healthy, open dialogue”.

I assert that Mr. Graves is the true schoolyard bully by printing on the front page such divisive comments from a city official about his alleged RSE experiences over 18 years ago.
That’s news?
That deserves a front-page story?
Where was the story about the City of Yelm being a Thurston County Superior Court defendant on Oct. 1st about water availability for homes and businesses here. Why does that not merit NVN coverage on which the outcome WILL affect this area? Why was their reporter not in the courtroom, yet writing about Cunningham’s video instead? HMMM!

1. Newspaper reader Roy Johnson wrote the NVN last week and said,
“I don’t know about the rest of the population in our fine little village of Yelm, but if Knight/Ramtha devotees such as (former Yelm mayor candidate) Steve Klein and (legislative candidate) JeanMarie Christenson expect my support, they have a long wait coming.

Am I really to believe that these politicians have the common sense and brains to lead our community when they got suckered into believing this Ramtha story is true?”

Mr. Johnson, Glen Cunningham is a former, elected City Council member & RSE student. And, a current & several former RSE students are in elected or appointed positions now serving our community.

If this community is going to judge those who wish to serve the public because of their association with Ramtha’s School, then how can Cunningham’s views, interactions and associations with others be overlooked as being without influence, either?
Can his derogatory views about RSE be separated from his role as President-elect of the Yelm Chamber of Commerce or any other public post in which he serves?

2. As an example, as President-elect of the Yelm Chamber of Commerce, shouldn’t Cunningham be the representative of ALL Chamber members? Why is the Chamber’s President-elect condemning ANY Chamber member, especially long-time Patron Member RSE, when he is quoted by the NVN saying, ‘..he [Cunningham] warns people how it is so they dont waste their money’ [by going to RSE]”?
Is this kind of behavior towards a local business and it’s patrons not schoolyard bullying?

Bottom line: There was NO intent on my part to hurt any business, rather to expose the hypocrisy of a city official and support of the local newspaper.

You can’t have it both ways!

[My letter to the NVN is printed under comments below for those that did not see it in the NVN.]

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