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“A longtime South Sound radio executive who has been trying to open an AM radio station in Yelm since 2004 says he can see light at the end of the tunnel.

“I felt that it gave me the best opportunity to be granted a license if I was choosing an area that was not yet served,” said Brian Butler, the sole owner of the proposed station in Yelm.

Butler is the general sales manager at Olympia’s KXXO at 96.1 FM and owns a small stake in that station. He has been with that station since it went on the air in August 1989.

Butler started work on the Yelm station in 2004, filing a short application with the Federal Communications Commission that year, then a longer one in December 2007, he said. He now is waiting for a construction permit to be granted and aims to be on the air in mid-2009, Butler said.

This much he knows: The station will broadcast at 1120 AM; will operate at 10,000 watts during the day and 6,000 at night; and because of its directional signal, it likely won’t be heard east of Yelm or north of Tacoma. However, it should cover Thurston County, he said. The county is home to about 12 stations, according to FCC data.

Station call letters haven’t been determined, and although he envisions a station carrying music, news and local sports, Butler did not want to disclose the music format…

Yelm is Thurston County’s fastest-growing city, with its population growing 6.2 percent in the year-over-year period ending in April, according to a recent estimate by the state Office of Financial Management. A Wal-Mart supercenter opened there in 2007, and the city’s taxable retail sales have been strong.

A category of taxable retail sales known as retail trade, which excludes construction and is considered a better measure of consumer spending, shot up nearly 50 percent to $21.7 million from $14.7 million in the year-over-year second-quarter period this year [mostly because of a Wal-Mart opening in July, 2007]. In the first quarter of 2008, year-over-year taxable retail sales in Yelm were higher by 52 percent, according to the state Department of Revenue.

‘I’ve been in the radio business for 30 years, and I saw it as an opportunity as a station owner,’ Butler said about putting a station in Yelm,” quoting
The Olympian

Of course, Yelm has been home to radio station KRSE – Beyond the Ordinary Free Webcast Radio for many years.
Owners Nancy Lorenz & Elena Young say:

Our program is in service to the community … now a world-wide community. Our intent is to promote the wonderment, possibilities, wisdom, discovery, and enjoyment of life!

Two friends, with many years of searching for knowledge and answers, traveled to a gathering of shamans on a mountain top in 1999, because of their message “the world is as you dream it.” The radio program began with our desire to share with you this possibility, whatever truths we had found, and would continue to find …and the magical quantum doors opened with a way to do it. The program started in 2000 as “Where the Eagle Meets the Condor” broadcasting over KNRY on Historic Cannery Row in California.

One year and a half later we found, through our own program… The most magical, Ramtha and his School of Enlightenment. That was when all the pieces of knowledge we had gathered from many sources came together, and where we finally found answers to the great questions and discovered just how true the shaman’s message is –along with the knowledge and disciplines that enable us to experience it.
One more year after that, we moved to Washington and within months resumed the program under its new name. We now had so much more to bring to you, including quantum physics, neurobiology, explained in such easy to grasp and delightful ways…

The World Is Listening! Over 90 countries show up in our stats [that listen in to Yelm, WA.].”

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