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“A little history on how All Green carpet Cleaners came to be in Yelm:

In 2005 Dawn was working with Opera Pacifica to open an art exhibit for the Centralia Arts Walk and also preparing for the run of the Mikado when a bathtub was left unattended and nearly came through the ceiling along with gallons of water. It was a horrendous mess that Shane, of Crosham Carpet Cleaning, effortlessly cleaned up with the Host System and rescued the Fox Theater from a terrible mold infestation and severe water damage. The team was duly impressed and never forgot this awesome experience. Nor did Dawn forget Shane and they are together today.

While working at Western State Hospital as an administrative assistant for the Director of Adult Services, Dawn realized that their quality of life began to suffer. All though it was a consistent paycheck with all the benefits, the commute, the hours and the daily subjects were long and miserable, the family was unhappy. She wanted to do something that would be healthy for family and the environment.

In January of 2007 Dawn asked Shane to teach her to clean carpets with the Host System. Shane had given up his own business at the beginning of 2006, but they knew it was a business with integrity and believed Yelm was ready to wrap their minds around something different the better not wetter system that is so popular in Seattle, Bellevue and Mercer Island.

The system is an all natural dry cleaning compound and no water is used. Every 50,000 feet of residential carpet that is cleaned by the host system, verses a system that uses water, saves an average of 220,000 gallons of good drinking water.

They took a road trip to Montana to pick up a machine and then spent the next 5 months cleaning antique rugs, carpets and furniture of their family and friends. June 1, 2007 was the official first day of business. The original name was Down Under Carpet Cleaning in honor of Shane; it was too much of an Aussie thing that the general public did not get, so the name was changed to All Green Carpet Cleaners in 2008.

Dawn does the work herself during the week and Shane assists on the weekends while maintaining a full time position at JZ Rose. Business is building slowly on word of mouth and recommendations.

All Green Carpet Cleaners are members of the Northwest Eco-Building Guild

And the only carpet cleaning service in the Green Pages.

This year they are participating in Thurston Countys Waste Free Holidays. They are offering a 20% discount through this program.

They are gifting limited time Holiday special, $159 for the whole house and $99 for campers, trailers and RVs.

Look for them at the Yelm Christmas Parade. They love this community and believe that through participation you gain a right to have an opinion about what happens in it.

We are in the pursuit of quality life and every bit we do to spread conscious thinking matters. The business is run as a waste free business; receipts are e-mailed, the cleaning product is composted, quotes are given over the phone to reduce emissions and we use ethanol gas to fuel the van. The machine is powered by electricity and meets all the USDA standards for low VOCs.”

All Green Carpet Cleaners
Dawn Young & Shane Hick


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