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“Of course, a shop named Parrotique specializes in all things parrot.

Specifically, the owners of the business, which recently opened in Yelm, have an interest in large breed parrots.

Hand-raised parrot chicks are the only birds they sell, and the shop carries all of the accessories that a parrot owner could need or want, including items to spoil their feathered friend.

‘We kind of pick up on where all the Petco, PetSmart and Wal-Mart stores have been scared out of selling,’ said Bob Vincent, store manager.

Due to bad publicity stemming from unethical practices of bird breeding and selling employed by some sellers, Vincent said, chain stores not only stopped selling the birds, but also the supplies.

‘So now theres a plethora of people out there without them (toys),’ Vincent said.

‘The birds need the toys to chew on and climb on because birds deal with anxiety by chewing.’

Birds can become aggressive toward people or chew themselves up if they dont have toys to chew on…

Scudder and Vincent work on the breeding program together.

Scudder said she is one of the few licensed large parrot breeders in the state…

The advantage to buying from Parrotique is the wealth of knowledge available to customers.

Scudder and Vincent said they draw on university studies for the best breeding and training techniques. And, when a customer purchases a bird, they work with the pet owner to teach them to care for, and bond with, a parrot.

Usually, the birds are sold as chicks, but Scudder waits until the bird is weaned from hand feeding before allowing them to leave the shop.

As a bird is growing the future owner can visit their bird, learn to handle it properly, obtain feeding advice, learn what cage is best and which accessories to buy.

Though the process makes the pet owner wait, it is important to buy from a licensed breeder because many parrots are endangered species, Vincent said.

For people who already own a parrot, more than just toys are available. Vincent and Scudder sell books and will help answer customers questions,” quoting the Nisqually Valley News.

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