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Fuel is a vitally important film – an award winning documentary that is gaining national interest & has been extended in Olympia until January 22nd at the Capital Theater.
If An Inconvenient Truth showed us the problems, FUEL provides us with the solutions. FUEL is a film about national security and sustainability that is having an enormous impact on audiences, inspiring environmental activism for a renewable energy economy. FUEL offers viable, practical solutions that lead us from here to there. FUEL is now leading the environmental charge, and comes at a time when every one of us feels the imperative to rebuild our economy and when our newly elected administration is at hand with the political will to make the true shift to green -deciding where to focus its priorities and resources at what President Elect Obama believes to be the biggest economic recovery plan since The New Deal.

Directed by environmentalist Josh Tickell, FUEL has now been short-listed for an Academy Award nomination in the Documentary Feature category, and is set to open in New York and Los Angeles in February of 2009. We are on the verge of creating a groundswell of support for a film that can galvanize the population and send a message to our leaders that it’s time for a change…

With your help, FUEL will help focus the nation, but it wont happen unless people see the film.

Best Documentary Audience Award Winner at Sundance Film Festival, 2008

Distributed by: Intention Media, Inc.

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