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These sensationalistic headlines on January 24th ‘above the fold’ on the front page, plus a header on the online edition within hours of the January 17th accident shows the NVN must be desperate by using the misfortune of others to sell newspapers.

“Driver hits RSE wall after falling asleep at wheel”
“A Yelm man got quite the wake-up call after he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a wall fronting the home of channeler JZ Knight and her Ramtha School of Enlightenment.”

“Joshua A. Lambert, 28, was driving home from work around 8:30 last Friday morning when the accident occurred.

He fell asleep, stayed straight in the curve and left the road, said Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brandy Kessler.”

While the NVN quoted the Ramtha School of Enlightenment public relations firm’s statement,
“Despite this extremely unfortunate event, we are pleased to report that the driver, although shaken, suffered no injuries and we extend our thoughts and well wishes to him and his family, nothing was said of the true story they COULD HAVE reported from a compassionate, human-interest standpoint.

Mr. Lambert is a Yelm resident working a graveyard shift to support his family in Olympia/Lacey and recently-returned Iraq War Veteran in service to our country.

As the NVN’s local contact for the Ramtha School, reporter Megan Hansen called me for comments. I asked Megan to have compassion on this man as he was shaken enough, as anyone would be, especially with an NVN photographer at the scene just minutes after the accident. I suggested the newspaper not use the engagement of the RSE wall from the misfortune of a serviceman & night-shift worker to sell newspapers with Ramtha’s and/or JZ Knight’s name.

Ms. Hansen said, “We have to report a story.”

Interesting, the NVN chose NOT to mention anything nor send a reporter to cover new County Commissioner Sandra Romero’s first public open house in Yelm last Monday, as a vital story to report on the front page!
That Monday was a national holiday and they could not send a reporter does not hold water!

Nisqually Valley News newspaper Editor-Publisher Kevin Graves printed an editorial in the January 10th edition touting his studies that instilled in him proper journalism practices…
“Having studied journalism – things such as journalism ethics, reporting and news style – I take great care to keep this newspaper’s coverage fair and objective.
I believe it’s up to readers to interpret the facts of a story, not to have some egomaniac bloviate and twist information to serve his or her own ends.”


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  1. Hello Karri of Hobbit House,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your views. So nice of you to add to the visitors of the Yelm Community Blog all the way from Reno, Nevada. I appreciate your having done so.

    You ask why I don’t start a newspaper? I have been asked by many and finally
    started this Blog in Spring, 2006, because people said we needed another source of information around here & I had gathered alot of knowledge about the community.

    Not everyone will agree with my views, hence the blog is able to have an immediate discourse.
    That is what is so grand about this medium of information.
    NVN editor/publisher Graves is certainly not shy about speaking out about me personally or my blog in general, and I see no letter to his newspaper from the public printed about that.

    I happen to find the NVN a valuable community asset that has missed the mark on sharing key points with the community on many issues & I am not afraid to speak about that. This Blog takes no advertising dollars, is beholding to no one, you do not see its headlines on newsstands throughout town or in Reno, has no print deadlines and does not use sensational headlines or front-page stories on the misfortunes of others to sell newspapers. You have to want to come to this site. Don’t click on this link if you are so inclined; access is totally up you, the reader.

    I find Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr’s quote sums up the reason I write on the subject you address:
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    I am grateful for your interest and for writing me & do hope you are enjoying life after your move from Yelm.

    All my best,

    Steve Klein

    Comment by Steve on January 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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