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From Seattle’s KING-5 TV about Yelm:

Thieves steal animal shelter’s pet food supply

“Wanda Bittner helps pet owners put food in their dog bowls when times are tough, but now the owner of a Yelm animal shelter has been targeted by thieves who stole hundreds of pounds of pet food.

Bittner has been finding homes for unwanted pets for more than 20 years, but this 80-year-old Yelm resident has also made it her mission to help seniors feed their pets by giving them free dog and cat food.

But last week, someone helped themselves to her supply and hundreds of pounds were stolen.

‘I’m in shock… I can’t believe it… Our food is free, no questions asked,’ she said. ‘Why would anyone take our pet food?’

Bittner supplies donated food to low-income pet owners and seniors in five cities…

Bittner has always kept her gate unlocked and it’s very hard for her to think that she likely knows the person who stole from her.

‘It’s heartbreaking. I work hard at this,’ she said.

Bittner will continue to work hard so pets can stay in their homes. She is hoping pet food donors will come forward to replenish her supply.

She regrets she has no other choice than to put in a surveillance system…

If you would like to donate dog or cat food, contact the Animal Rescue and Adoption in Yelm at 360-458-3281”

For further assistance, contact the Yelm Animal Alliance.

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