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A recent blog commenter said,
“The NVN consistently writes negative articles about Roy and Rainier and yes, their city government has suffered greatly because of budget issues and constraints.
Frankly, I’m tired of seeing it on the front page news every few weeks, pointing fingers at anything which may reflect them in a more negative manner. Where are the positive stories about them on what
they have and or trying to accomplish on their budget restrictions?

Where are the real stories and reports on Yelm city government, over-staffed police department, and the inefficiencies in Yelm city government? If NVN has to write a story? they need to start in their
own back yard, addressing and investigating the Yelm community issues and concerns on the front page too.”

The NVN provided a terrific public service by their December, 2008 listing of Yelm Roy, & Rainier public employees salaries:
“Public employees work for the taxpayer. Plain and simple.

In an era where obstacles to public information are being thrown up by lawmakers, what we pay them cannot be kept a secret.

When reporters for the Nisqually Valley News contacted various agencies about pay for public employees, some voiced displeasure at the idea of that information appearing in the newspaper, and others speculated on the motivation.

Its information that every citizen has a right to. Anyone can seek public information, and they dont have to explain or justify their request to anyone.

In the spirit of democracy and transparency in government, the following is the first-ever Nisqually Valley News list of what public employees are earning in Yelm, Rainier and Roy.”

CLICK HERE for the NVN article listing City of Yelm employees salaries.

Protect Yelm.org said this:
“Hats off to the Nisqually Valley News for researching and posting public employees earnings for the Yelm area online.

CLICK HERE for the NVN article listing City of Yelm employees salaries.”

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