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Dear friends of the honeybee

The bee season 2009 is approaching fast.
This is the time to make the decision to get involved.
There are three
ways to participate:

1) Become a beekeeper
yourself and get prepared before the bees arrive by attending the class
on Friday March 13th
at Gordon’s Grange (7-9 pm, costs $10).
To get started with one beehive costs around $295.00, including bees and basic equipment.

2) Hire a beekeeper!
Have your own bees on your property and let us do the work for you.
Having bees around is very rewarding and a huge step towards self-sufficiency. Remember that everything the bees do and produce is beneficial. They produce extremely valuable food (honey and pollen), they provide medicine for the household (honey, pollen, propolis, and bee venom), they produce beeswax to be used in many applications, and
they pollinate your and your neighbors garden and orchard for higher yields and better quality crops. If you really want to know all about these products from the hive, visit [http://www.fao.org/docrep/w0076E/w0076E00.htm] now . All these benefits are yours without any work. We will bring the beehives and set them up and we will care for them with regular visits (every three weeks). If you are interested in this option let us know ASAP and we will discuss the details (360 894 6038).
Let your friends know that this unique option

3) If you don’t want your own bees, support foraging bees from your neighbor by tolerating wild flowers (i.e. dandelions, clover etc)..in your yard. If you are going to plant new flowers, shrubs or trees choose those that are good nectar and/or pollen sources for the honeybees. We have created a list of 126 plants that you can purchase for $5 in class or $9 by sending a stamped
return envelop to
Thomas Mani
16100 Lemuria Lane SE
Yelm, WA 98597.

Yes, we can bring them back! Although the bee population is still declining worldwide, we can create a (honey)bee paradise
in our local area. It is to the betterment for the whole community!

Hope to see you or to hearing from you


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