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New talk by SEPP HOLZER
6.30 – 8.30pm
Deschutes Grange on Vail Rd, Yelm
March 10th
$20 at the door.

“His farming methods have come to be known as Sepp Holzers Permaculture. The leitmotif of his school of thought is listen and observe. Observe the order of nature and cooperate with the natural circulation system at hand. Plants will look after each other for water and fertilization if you notice how they work together.

The sexiest aspect of this method of farming is NO IRRIGATION, NO WEEDING, NO PESTICIDES AND NO FERTILIZING.
Quoting the press release on Holzer,
‘For more than 40 years now, Sepp Holzer has been transforming his family farm in the coldest part of the Austrian alps into a paradise of fishing ponds, tens of thousands of fruit trees, shrubs, vines and highly productive vegetables and herbs. Applying the principles of his self-taught Permaculture, he creates a self-sustaining landscape in which he produces many varieties of the best quality fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, mushrooms, pork, poultry and even citrus without irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides or weeding. He also has successfully been fighting local and federal authorities and regulations for the right to practice and apply his Permaculture on his own property, quoting MastersConnection.

Yelm’s own MastersConnection has more:
Permaculture Workshops: Huegelbeds, Mushrooms, Companion Planting Workshop, Day One.
Sepp’s Permaculture Workshops – There’s A fungus
Both of these informative MastersConnection pieces written by Mary McCann for MastersConnection, LLC
All Rights Reserved.

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