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Water System Plan Open House

Power Point Photos for Water System Plan Open House
The City is hosting an open house to present the update to the 2002 Water System Plan, including a description of the existing water system, proposed construction projects, and proposed water rates and connection charges.

The Open House is scheduled for Thursday, March 5, from 5 to 7 PM at the Public Safety Building. 206 McKenzie Avenue, SE.

FAQs for March Meeting

Key point from the FAQ pages:
If the new water rights are not secured, the City of Yelm will face some difficult choices. The water planning document that is being prepared assumes that new water rights will be secured. If it is determined that a new water right cannot be secured in the foreseeable future, the water system planning process will need to
be revisited.”

The city does not identify what those choices will be.
They currently have a Court Order stopping them from issuing further permits in 5 developments, in a decision they have appealed. They are near their pumping capacity under current Dept. of Ecology appropriations, as discussed here last month.

Also from the FAQ document:
“The development charges and revenue generated from the new connections within the MPC [Master Planned Communities] will be used to pay for the growth to the maximum extent possible.

Even if connection charges for an MPC cover the cost of initiating service, the new connections will ultimately increase overall system costs because the system will have to be expanded. How will this longer-term cost be paid for?

Water rates will be collected to adequately fund the O&M of the expanded water system. As the service area expands, the water rate structure will be reevaluated to ensure that the costs are paid for in a fair and equitable manner.”

HMMM! That means the additional impact of serving Master Planned Communities on the city’s water infrastructure will ultimately be borne by the local City of Yelm property owner.

Did anyone look at how the city is funding this Plan?
I know the community would be shocked to see the debt servicing on the city’s plan.
CLICK HERE for an eye-opener from the City’s own PowerPoint.
The new debt servicing beginning in 2010 is astronomical! How in the world is this going to get financed?


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