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Freedom School of the Pacific Northwest

Join a question and answer meeting Sunday, April 26th
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

We are a democratic school based on the 41 year old Sudbury model, with schools world wide. Students ages 4 19 are welcomed, and being a community school, adults are also welcomed to start and join many inspiring classes.

Learning is as unlimited as your imagination, and is self-directed and initiated by our students. There are no tests, homework, required-organized curriculum, classrooms, or grades. Yes, graduation is possible and we will have one or two grads present to answer your questions.

Students and staff vote as equals on rules that govern the school. Play of all kinds is encouraged.

We hope to have piqued your interest and made you want to explore the education that gives wings to the mind.

Meet us at George and Sheris home: 10905 138th Ave SE in Rainier.

Call Sheri Greenstreet, 360-915-3097 or George Sands, 915-3242 for information and directions.
From their flier.

Welcome to the Freedom School of the Pacific Northwest
Now forming in Rainier, WA

Everything that is really great and inspiring was created
by the individual who can labor in FREEDOM. Albert Einstein

The Freedom School of the Pacific Northwest is a democratic school for students ages 4-19.

This school is based on a philosophy of education pioneered by the Sudbury Valley School in existence since 1968.

Sudbury Schools take a radically different approach to education, based on FREEDOM, TRUST and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

We believe that

– All people have individual interests, passions and talents generated from their unique mind and the freedom to choose those interests is essential to the development of personal responsibility.

– There is equal value placed on acquiring and expressing any skill whether academic, physical, social, artistic, or self directed play.

– The most efficient, long-lasting and profound learning takes place when initiated and pursued by the learner.

– Age-mixing among students promotes growth in all members of the group.

So weve created a place where.

– Students are allowed to explore, activate and pursue their unique interests and talents.

– Students experience a self-directed educational freedom in a safe and supportive environment.

– The students, in addition to being responsible for their own learning, have a significant role in governing the school. Every student, regardless of age, is considered an equal and has a voice in decision-making, thus demonstrates ownership of their experience and environment.

– A focus on personal responsibility and respectful behavior ensures the maintenance of a healthy learning environment.

– Based on the educational philosophy of self-initiated learning in a democratic way, students are given the freedom to choose their activities in school, their choice of curriculum, how they want to spend their time and are trusted to design their own course of learning.

– Using the principles of play, talk, freedom, empowerment, responsibility and age-mixing in its daily routine promotes growth in all members of the group.”


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