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Yelm Timberland Regional Library
Photo courtesy of Guustaaf Damave

Yelm’s Library Advisory Board gave their annual presentation to the Yelm City Council on Tuesday, April 28th. Board Chair Jeanette Burnham gave the report, backed up in audience by Librarian/Staff Representative Kristin Blalack, Agnes Bennick, Ronni Nutter and Rebecca Stillings. Roberta Stephenson was absent.
Mrs. Burnham talked about year-over-year increases in teen participation in borrowed items, attendance and special events.
Ms. Blalack said that TRL will be cutting staff hours beginning July 1st in Yelm to the levels she encountered upon being hired here in 1992: Closed Sunday & Monday and opening an hour earlier at 10am the other days.

Mayor Harding thanked the board for their fine service to the community and said, “Seems like you guys are doing good things and meeting the needs.” HMMM! While an attempt at affectionate slang, quite noticeable is the lack of even one “guy” on this Board.

Not mentioned was anything about the Yelm Library’s future, as the current facility’s lease expiration July, 2012.

The city’s own website says this about the about the duties and responsibilities of the Library Board,
“The Yelm Library Advisory Board makes studies, reports, and recommendations and serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council in all matters relative to the need for acquisition, utilization, care, maintenance and disposition of the library building or buildings and all property or equipment pertaining to or associated with library purposes which is or is intended to be owned by the City of Yelm; evaluates, advises and makes recommendations regarding the relationship between the City of Yelm and Timberland Regional Library District (TRL); evaluates legislative issues before the Washington State Legislature related to library matters, which may impact the City of Yelm, property owners within the City of Yelm, and/or patrons of the Timberland Regional Library District; serves as liaison between citizens and the Mayor and City Council on library-related issues; and reviews, advises and makes recommendations on rules and regulations governing the use of the library, its building(s) and grounds, and such equipment owned by the City of Yelm.”
CLICK HERE to see the city’s website on this, then click Citizen Committees, then click Library Board

There was nothing in this function description that was covered by this Board’s report last night to the City Council, nor were any questions along these lines asked by the Mayor or City Council. HMMM!

What do you have to say about that?
Do you want to know about the library’s future in Yelm?
Do you expect your Library Board representatives to handle the responsibilities as set forth by the city?

Here are two sites of note about Timberland Libraries in recent days:
The Olympian reports, “25 libraries to cut back hours”
Newsletter of the Timberland Regional Library District, Spring, 2009

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  1. Tell me Jacob, what does not make scenes? or sense?

    Yes, I am a student in Ramtha’s School – that fact is certainly well-known in this area. And, what does being a “Ramster” have to do with the Library Board not functioning as the City specifies?

    Also, you want to share about the Community Garden & I will do a story on you:


    Comment by Steve on May 9, 2009 at 5:30 am

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