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Yelm area residents Robert Jones IV, Laurie & Helen McClelland have a local candle manufacturing business. They currently have several contracts to sell on the military bases and have been doing trade shows and festivals throughout Washington State. Their candles have also been sold in Costco through roadshows.
Scentual Nature uses a soy paraffin blend of wax, only 100% German cotton wicking, and cosmetic and premium grade of fragrance oils for scent. Their candles are dripless, burn evenly down to the end and are guaranteed to burn beautifully or the customer gets a new candle!
They can be compared to Archipelego or Yankee candles.

The Yelm Community Blog asked Laurie of Scentual Nature these questions:

1. What inspired you to chose this endeavor?
I had six years experience running my family’s candle factory in California, and about the time we were looking [we moved here to be closer to the school (RSE)], they asked us if we wanted to open our own division up here in the Northwest. It was an amazing opportunity to bring a fabulous product with a successful track record to a new region, and we felt we could really affect people’s everyday lives with our product, so we accepted the offer.

2. Why this type of candle – a soy/paraffin blend?
Soy candles were a trend that was about to hit when I was running my family’s candle factory. it was a new product that was brought out on the market to create some new excitement in the ancient art of candle making. I appreciated the introduction to the wax, but had always been drawn to the enchanting mystique of the pillars. They always had such a beautiful flame when lit. We decided to continue using the paraffin and blend it with a vegetable based additive simply because it allowed for a higher percentage of fragrance to be used, and the end result is a cleaner burn.

3. What is unique and different about what you offer?
We are focused on how that candle will affect the person who uses it. These are some of the longest burning candles on the market and they are designed to burn evenly and fragrantly all the way to the bottom. All of our wicking comes from Germany, where all of the best wicking in the world is made, and we work exclusively with several fragrance companies to design and create only the finest fragrances for our customers. We do guarantee that our candles will burn evenly and beautifully and offer immediate product replacement for any dissatisfaction.

4. What else would you like the local community to know?
One of the greatest things we can do is support each other and build our community strong. We would love to bring our candles out into our community and encourage feedback and suggestions. We look forward to helping people change their lives !

5. Who’s family recipe since 1968 is this?
When I learned the art of candle making, I was taught by a master candle maker who had opened up a shop in Arizona. He had brought back his recipes from India where he was trained in the art. So it was passed from his family to my family!

6. Are your products manufactured here in Yelm?
We absolutely do all of our manufacturing right here in Yelm! Most people are shocked when they walk out into our garage and see a full scale candle factory. Our retail hubs thus far have been trade shows, handmade craft festivals, and the military bases, including Ft Lewis.
We have some walk-in traffic in Yelm. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Scentual Nature Candles
Yelm, WA. 98597
(360) 970 – 7345
(360) 400 – 3548


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