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Dr. Karreim Ali

Dr. Karriem H. Ali, MD is a physician and scientist with a baccalaureate degree in Chemistry from Harvard University, and an M.D. degree with Distinguished Honors in Research from Stanford University.

With all of the current misinformation, fear and confusion surrounding Swine Flu and the looming potential for an Influenza Pandemic, we decided it was high time for another enlightening current health update with Dr. Karriem Ali!

Dr. Ali has generously agreed to give us an interesting and informative presentation to help us better understand Influenza, its Natural and Pandemic History, and our best Defense options. His talk will focus upon Influenza Risks and Resolutions, including: documentary footage from the 1918 Flu Pandemic that killed over 500,000 Americans, the current H1N1 Swine Flu virus, vaccines and Preventative Measures that we can take to Prepare & Protect Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Communities.

A key feature will be medical insider information about the #1 recommended flu drug Tamiflu exposing its weaknesses as an antiviral agent in the event of an actual pandemic, and the FDA reprimand against Roche Pharmaceuticals (Tamiflus manufacturer) for misleading the public with exaggerated claims and advertising schemes.

Most importantly, Dr. Ali will discuss the efficacy potential of specific health-promoting products which can help us to Strengthen our Immune Systems to prevent us ever catching the flu at all! These will include: Vitamins C and D, BRM4, Zinc Gluconate, Oscillococcinum, and Airborne.

As a bonus, Dr. Ali will teach us a simple formula for an inexpensive and effective hand sanitizer that can easily be made at home from natural ingredients that are readily available in our local stores.

Friday, May 29 2009
Rosemont Retirement and Assisted Living Community
215 Killion Rd. NW, Yelm, WA 98597
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Cost: Free

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