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“Animal rescue volunteers have removed 22 horses from a home here after the sheriff’s department received complaints that the animals were not being properly cared for.

‘It’s a lucky day for these horses, they were in bad shape,’ said Teresa King of Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County.

The horses had shabby manes, possible parasite overloads, weak leg muscles and hooves in desperate need of care…

But the people who owned the home and were responsible for the horses said many of the animals were rescued from other homes and insisted they just needed a little more time to get them healthy…

Eight goats and two sheep were also removed from the property.

Charges have not been filed against the owners.

Veterinarians will examine and test the rescued animals before they will be considered for foster homes.

If you’d like to help with donations for feed supplies or offer to foster one of the animals, contact Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County,” quoting KOMO TV News.

Ed. Note: First time I have ever heard of a Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County.

“The primary goal of this group is to provide a network of foster homes for animals that have been impounded by local law enforcement pending prosecution of the owners for neglect and/or abuse.

HAR-OTC is dependent on volunteers and donations for everything from veterinary expenses to feed. Please refer to the membership form for ideas on how you may help. The organization achieved tax-deductible donation status, 501 (c)(3), in March 2000.”

Mailing Address:
Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County
PO BOX 711
East Olympia, WA
Phone: (360) 701-2007

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