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Editor’s note: I have received many, many e-mails from readers asking why I have not covered the Swine Flu Vaccine issue. I have felt there is plenty of news in the mainstream on this subject. However, when I heard KIRO 93.7 FM radio talk show host Dori Monson in Seattle interview a “medical expert” a few weeks ago saying there is no more mercury in the thimerosal in swine flu vaccines than in the fish we eat, I had to pause and go HMMMM. Then yesterday, Thurston County Public Health Officer, Dr. Diana Yu was the special guest of Thurston County Commissioner Romero at her monthly Yelm Coffee and said there is no more mercury in a flu shot than in a can of tuna. Then why are there so many warnings about canned tuna consumption?
Alex Ansary from the Portland, OR television show Outside The Box explained about the drug industry receiving immunity for anything that goes wrong with the vaccines, etc.. Commissioner Romero cut him off as several audience members asked to let him speak.
Yelm’s Survival Center Dick Mankamyer asked Dr. Yu what the role was of the County Public Health Officer in an emergency. She said she is the one that makes the final decision as to quarantine & mandatory shots, etc. Dr Yu stated that she has already been ask to declare mandatory flu shots but has refused to do so so far, stating she thinks each person will have to decide.
I finally said enough. This needs to be shared with the Yelm Community!
I only eat non-farm-raised fish from far northern Alaska waters, so why would I want to have ANY amount of the deadly toxin mercury in my body, regardless the supposedly “minuscule” amount in vaccines?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. brilliantly researched thimerosal relating to autism in his book “Deadly Immunity” & talked about the vaccine issue on MSNBC a few years go. CLICK HERE

This 2005 Rolling Stone article by Mr. Kennedy says it all & worth a repeat here now:

And, originally published on Salon: CLICK HERE

Mr. Kennedy has been to Yelm twice in recent years for talks. His website: CLICK HERE

“Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury”
From the University of Calgary posted in 2006 on YouTube and a good reminder for vaccines that contain mercury. The video shows how mercury kills brain neurons: CLICK HERE

Other news stories in recent days on the Swine Flue Vaccine issue, courtesy of Yelm’s Survival Center Newsletter.
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A. “Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine”
From KOMO-TV 4, ABC in Seattle: CLICK HERE

B. “Flu Shot Permanently Disables Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings”
From Fox-TV posted on YouTube: CLICK HERE

C. “Hearing ordered on H1N1 vaccine rule for NY nurses”
From Newsday: CLICK HERE

D. “Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent”
From NaturalNews: CLICK HERE

E. Great suggestions from the Survival Center to protect you and your family:

And this local story on the subject:
“[Former State Senator in WA. State] Rasmussen addresses Graham [WA.] concerns on food safety and flu vaccinations”
From Bruce Smith in The Dispatch News: CLICK HERE

And then there are these stories in recent days:
“Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media”
From Natural News: CLICK HERE

“Hospitals to limit visitors”
“Providence St. Peter: Precautions planned to reduce H1N1 exposure”
From The Olympian

Always trust your own knowingness.
The links are provided as information only and do not imply any advice or treatment regimens.

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