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In his Op-Ed piece out today titled “Community paper’s still preferred news source” NVN Editor/ Publisher Keven Graves says,
“With bloggers and other naysayers adament (sic) that it’s the end of days for newspapers, there were some recent findings released by the National Newspaper Association…

Seems as though the bloggers and other naysayers have been sounding the death knell for newspapers just a little too quickly – wishful thinking perhaps?”

Ed. Note:
Whenever Mr. Graves mentions “bloggers”, he means this Yelm Community Blog, as has been the case for almost 4 years now. He will never mentioned my name in association with the blog nor will he list the actual name of the Yelm Community Blog so as not to direct his readers to this site, yet the inference has been unmistakable and consistent.

Mr. Graves’ Op-Ed today seems to be as a defensive response to a blog entry here from October 12th where I quoted a Newsweek article titled “DON’T BAIL OUT NEWSPAPERS – LET ‘EM DIE AND GET OUT OF THE WAY”
I was VERY clear in that report and earlier this year that I support our newspapers, regardless of the exceptions I take on occasion to inaccuracies in the Nisqually Valley News reporting.

Mr. Graves can continue to misrepresent my views on a whole host of issues as a vehicle to feign criticism of me by continuing to publish incorrect information, if he so chooses. Appearances would indicate he does so to make himself look like a reasonable, peaceable fellow in the eyes of his readers. That he just doesn’t like me or this blog has been very evident however, his continued misrepresentations seem less than straightforward and upfront yet downright disingenuous to his patrons who look to him and his newspaper for truthful, factual and accurate reporting, IMHO.

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