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The Yelm Blogger will be away for a few days, though will keep the local election numbers updated.

With only 523 voting here so far on local races [19% of registered voters] of the less than the official number of 2,663 registered voters and 5,500 in population, that is consistent with previous voter turnouts in previous Yelm elections – less than 20% of REGISTERED voter participation. That is truly sad…

Of course, this Mayor and City Council have done little to reach out to the population here:
holding ZERO Town Forums to share their views with the community & foster genuine intra-community understandings in all this time.
The Mayor can stand on his soap-box before the Yelm Chamber of Commerce with a prepared speech every year, however what about holding a Q & A Forum Open to the Public?
Are the afraid of what the area community might present?
That would seem to be the case!
Only a handful of people came to the City Council to speak out to the Mayor and City Council about the water rate increase.
And, City of Yelm property owners & rate payers are about to get fleeced more with these elected officials!
Next week, the City Council will be asked to vote by Mayor Harding on condemnation of a citizen’s water rights.

Expect more of the same contempt for the public in the next 4 years, as the failed policies of this city’s administration continue to “come home to roost”, with little or no outrage from the public!

And to the City of Yelm residents:
the lack of interest displayed in voting & lack of participation in your city’s government is a true embarrassment!

By the way, results for the following uncontested local races include:
Yelm Community Schools
Director # 1
Ed M. Sorger = 2605 votes
Director # 2
Debbie Edwards = 2768 votes
Fire Protection District # 17 Bald Hills
Bill Owen, Fire Commissioner # 2= 421 votes
Yelm Fire District
Orval French, Fire Commissioner # 3 = 1,343 votes
Yelm Cemetery District #2
Judith M. Cusick, Cemetery Dist Commissioner #2 = 2,261 votes

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