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With the Election, 2009 ballots tabulated to date (Nov. 12), these are the current results of local note from the Thurston County Auditor:

1. 51.59% voter participation county-wide

2. Karen Valenzuela is ahead by 55% for County Commissioner and by a 7,500 vote difference.
Ms. Valenzuela’s numbers were strong in Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey and Tenino, yet her opponent Pat Beeler won Yelm, according to her campaign. She fought an uphill battle in Yelm for name recognition and support, being from District 3 (West Olympia/Tumwater) and a first-time campaigner here.

3. Jeff Davis is ahead of Dave Peeler for Port Commissioner by 55%.

4. Yelm City Council candidate Tracey Wood still leads by 53% (51 votes) over Jen Littlefield.

5. The City of Yelm tabulated some interesting results in non-contested races:
Mayor Harding garnered 783 votes to date with no opponent running against him for Mayor.
Four years ago, Mr. Harding registered 848 votes against an opponent and with with 500 less registered voters in 2005. HMMM!

Of the 783 voters that voted for Mayor Harding, only 697 of those voters cast a vote for Mayor Pro-tem Bob Isom, 715 for Mike McGowan and 726 for Russ Hendrickson, all who ran unopposed for their Council seats.
The next vote count will be the last before election certification — November 24th.

With only 891 voting here for local positions to date (the combination of votes cast for Yelm City Council candidates Wood 471 & Littlefield 420, who ran against each other for the same Council position) of the official number of 2,663 registered voters and 5,500 in population, that’s only a 33% voter participation, or 18% below the county-wide turnout.
This is a true embarrassment for the City of Yelm and certainly NOT a mandate for City of Yelm elected officials. And this statistic is on top of the facts that not one person came forward to run for public offices against the Mayor or 3 other City Council positions.
This is very sad.

We have a Mayor & City Council that have drawn a line in the sand, with their citizens on opposite sides:
1. A Draft Water System Plan (WSP) that has not been approved by the State and may not be viable – because of a lack of water.
2. A City Council that went ahead and passed excessively high water fees from the WSP on to property owners BEFORE the plan has been approved — fees to cover the costs associated with water infrastructure for a Multi-Planned Community.
3. A Mayor & City Council that has spent $200,000 in legal fees to acquire water rights — rights that Ecology said may not be transferable, and who moved last week to condemn those rights and acquire them through eminent domain.
4. We have a Community Development Dept. that has still been issuing building permits, even though the city may not have the water to support these structures when they are hooked-up.
5. The City of Yelm taxpayer is paying for the mistakes & folly of Yelm’s City officials with more to come in legal fees & lawsuits, as the public catches on.
6. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost fees & taxes when the much heralded Thurston Highlands defaulted.
And these are some of the issues relating to just water!

Four more years of these policies!
Oh, brother…


Stay tuned for a report tomorrow on recently released census statistics about small towns.
The City of Yelm would be wise to read this report!

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