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Representative Tom Campbell
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OLYMPIA Following a week during which legislators convened in Olympia to discuss priorities for 2010, State Rep. Tom Campbell (R Roy) came ready with bills in hand, prepared to meet the tight deadlines of a short 60-day session.

His legislation ranges from a further crackdown on the chemical components of methamphetamines to property tax relief for disabled veterans.

After leading an effort in the state legislature to control the large sales of pseudoephedrine, used as an ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine, Campbell wants to reduce its accessibility even further. The previous legislation, which led to an 80 percent reduction in large meth labs around the state, needs new teeth to control the backpack and pop bottle labs that have replaced them, Campbell believes. Hes working with law enforcement officials to model his legislation on an Oregon law, which requires a prescription to purchase any amount of pseudoephedrine and better accounts for each consumers use via the prescription network used by pharmacies. We have a great opportunity here to eradicate meth production in the state in a cost-effective way by utilizing a system thats already in place. (HB 2454)

Campbell also aims to crack down on domestic violence crime with a proposal that would require any alleged DV perpetrator to stand before a judge for arraignment prior to posting a release. This would allow for a cooling down period, as Campbell calls it, citing examples of offenders released soon after their arrest who return to terrorize their victims once again. Right after a report of DV is not a good time to put someone back on the street, when emotions are running even higher and the threat of danger grows worse, said Campbell. Its a sad fact, but one we have to face: By requiring this, well reduce the rate of DV recidivism in Washington.

After successfully passing new protections for patients in hospitals and health care clinics around the state, Rep. Campbell also hopes to reduce the climbing rate of dangerous infections contracted in nursing homes. Statistics show that thousands of deaths occur every year when patients contract the flesh-eating bacteria methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), called a superbug due to its drug-resistance. Up until now, nursing homes have not been required to report any infections. Campbell wants to change that. (HB 2453)

Other legislation Campbell plans to introduce in the 2010 legislative session includes property tax relief for people awarded disability income. Those disability payments are presently considered income by County Auditors in calculating eligibility for property tax deferments and exemptions. These same disability payments are not considered income or taxed by the Internal Revenue Service, just the County Auditors. (HB 1405)

A bill filed at the end of the 2009 session, HB 2387 Humane Treatment of Dogs is also under consideration. This bill would set uniform standards of care throughout our State in the availability of fresh water, food, exposure to cold, heat and other environmental elements.

The Environmental Health Committee of which Rep. Campbell serves as Chairman will address Bills that prevent exposure to toxic elements such as Mercury and Bis-Phenol A as well as furthering Food Safety in Washington State. A bill that has been pre filed HB 2459 Updating Hazardous Waste Fee provisions also sponsored by Rep. Campbell will reduce the Hazardous Waste Fees for small business in our State. I look forward to passing this bill to assist small businesses by reducing the burden of excessive fees.

Above all else, Campbell believes the states number one priority must be creating and protecting jobs. In these tough budgetary times, dont expect a lot of innovative new programs this year. Were going to focus on the kitchen table issues that are going to help keep families employed and businesses running. Campbell points to projects like the Bethel Skills Center, which provides training and retraining in vocational skills from robotic technology to criminal justice education. Last year Campbell championed a $10 million allotment for improvements at the school. Schools like the Bethel Skills Center will help keep kids in school and provide a path to family wage jobs and a brighter future.

Contact: Tom Campbell 360-786-7912
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