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“Residents are getting closer to flushable toilets at Longmire Park.

The City of Yelm is accepting bids for the Longmire Park Enhancement Project, which is slated for a June completion date.

The $400,000 project includes bringing restrooms and a concession stand to the park.

Engineering figures estimate construction costs to range $280,000 to $330,000.

Costs include installing water and sewer lines out to the park located on Canal Road.

‘This is a fun little project,’ said project manager Stephanie Ray. ‘And its a great addition to the park.’

Bids will be accepted until 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Ray said the bids will be reviewed and taken to council…

The great thing about this project, Ray said, is that its not costing the city anything.

All the funding was received in a non-matching grant.

The city submitted a grant proposal to Representative Tom Campbell in 2009.

The restrooms will feature six standard and two ADA stalls.

Right now the park is equipped with portable bathrooms, which Ray said fill-up quickly during weekends.

A neat feature of the concessions stand, Ray said is that it will be set-up so people can plug their computers in for internet access,” quoting the NVN.

Ed. Note: What are we building out there, a Taj Mahal?
$400,000 for “six standard and two ADA stalls” flushable toilets.

Just because the city thinks this is free because of a grant from the State, due to the tough economic conditions, shouldn’t the city ask the State to do something else more productive with $400,000 – like a Community Center?

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  1. As I stated previously, “From here on out, I will have entries here only periodically to provide perspectives to important local stories, which the local media do not cover or give the public little in-depth analysis.”
    I have kept to that, regardless of the volume of issues last week.

    Grant or not, our State’s projected deficit is $2.6 billion.
    We can have legislators keep passing out grants for flush toilets while we cut child, elderly, law enforcement, juvenile & infirmed programs, etc.
    – and for what? flush toilets to the tune of $400,000, when the portable toilet rental people say their toilets are hardly ever used at Longmire Park:

    NO, this is NOT the same Stephany Ray “who attends the same institution that you do?”
    That person is owner of this e-letter: http://mastersconnection.com/index.php/contact

    The city’s staff person is Stephanie Ray, as quoted & spelled properly in the NVN.

    I have found an educated public can make better voting decisions & from the letters of support, I have no issue continuing to voice my views, Hobbit House!
    And, thanks so much for your continuing interest in those views on the Yelm Community Blog, Karri!
    You & your group bump up the visitor numbers to this site nicely.


    Comment by Steve on February 2, 2010 at 10:40 am

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