April 30, 2010


Come Celebrate Yelm Food Co-op’s 3 Year Anniversary May 1st, 10a.m.- 7p.m

* 10% to all Yelm Food Co-op Members!
* Check out our in-store specials!
* Ask us about becoming a member!

“We are a member-owned and operated grocery store, or more specifically, a Natural and Organic Market. We provide the highest quality food and other products we can find so that our customers have a selection of healthy choices in all their purchases.
We buy from local sources where ever we can to support them and our community. We participate in community activities and donate products and money to local charities. Our volunteers and staff are all from the area surrounding Yelm.

We are open to the public, accept food stamps and honor other co-op memberships. As our way of supporting our service men and women and their family members, we offer them our member prices and all other buying privileges if they are in uniform or present their military ID card,” quoting Yelm Co-op.

Yelm Food Co-op
Located at:
404 First St SE
Yelm WA 98597

April 30, 2010


It’s a Secondhand Safari!
Please join us in spreading the word about Thurston County Fair’s 2nd Annual Community Garage Sale and Reuse Fair.

Saturday, May 1st, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Thurston County Fairgrounds

“Last years event was a huge success with over 100 vendors and over 2,500 visitors! Thats a lot of customers to buy your re-useable treasures! Event includes garage sale booths, educational booths, free book and magazine exchange table, music, food, and more! This is a great opportunity to sell, trade, and barter with others in your community. Dont forget to bring your books and magazines for the free exchange table. There will be $2 early-bird admission between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and $1 admission after 9:00.
Sign up now to have a garage sale booth and get ready to clear out your clutter. Coordinate with your friends, make it a family event, or use the opportunity to raise money for a charity.

Goodwill will have a trailer on-site and will be accepting donations throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to donate your leftovers at the end of the day. Visitors can also bring reusable items to donate. Items accepted for donation at Goodwills discretion.
If you would like to have an educational booth, display, or be part of the presentations happening throughout the day sign up now! All community groups, non-profits, businesses, agencies and individuals working on sustainability issues are welcomed.
Reuse is an important way to prevent still usable items from ending up in our landfills and save money on disposal costs. Reuse also has other far reaching environmental and community benefits. So come and take advantage of this great opportunity to pass on treasures to others, and benefit from the advertising and exposure you wouldnt otherwise get with a garage sale at home. In addition, this event is designed to be a nearly zero waste event, with compostable and recyclable waste being collected at waste stations staffed by Master Recycler volunteers. Last year there was only one small bag of trash generated by visitors for the entire event!” quoting Thurston County.

April 29, 2010


Please join Reps. Jim McCune & Tom Campbell for a joint town hall meeting to discuss the state budget and
address additional questions and concerns regarding issues important to you and your community.

Friday – April 30
7 9 pm

Rosemont Assisted Living Center
215 Killion Road Northwest
Yelm, WA 98597

State Representative TOM CAMPBELL
State Representative JIM MCCUNE
2nd Legislative District
Representing citizens of Pierce County, including McKenna, Roy, Spanaway, Orting, Graham
and the City of Eatonville; and Yelm, Rainier and Lawrence Lake in Thurston County.

From Rep. Campbell:
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
First of all, thank you for the opportunity to represent you and the 2nd District in Olympia.
Your continued support and feedback helps me address issues that are most important to you.

As we grappled with a $2.8 billion budget deficit this session, I kept my promise to you by making it a priority to keep families employed and businesses running. I also consistently voted against raising taxes. I believe that improving our transportation infrastructure and helping businesses provide jobs will lead the way to a more fiscally responsible and promising future. As youll see in this newsletter, the 2nd District has a number of transportation projects coming to our area. These are just the kind of projects Im referring

In Pierce County and the 2nd District, were paving the way for new and local jobs while strengthening our transportation infrastructure and overall safety of our roads.
Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the 2nd District and issues relating to the Washington state Legislature. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Tom Campbell
State Representative, 2nd District

CLICK HERE for Rep. McCune’s Newsletter.

April 28, 2010


The City of Yelm Tree Advisory Board will hold their 13th annual Yelm Arbor Day celebration at 11am Friday, April 30th in Yelm City Park (First St. & Mosman), per Mayor Harding’s Proclamation dated March 23, 2010.

Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care.

Founded by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska in 1872, National Arbor Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday in April.

Washington State’s Arbor Day is the second Wednesday in April.

“The National Arbor Day Foundation has published a new hardiness zone map, based on climate data from the past 15 years, that clearly shows the warming trend across the country,” quoting the National Arbor Day Foundation website.

Won’t you donate a tree to our town by sending a check to Yelm City Hall for Yelm’s Tree Fund!

April 27, 2010


The folks at Protect Yelm.Org has had two updates on the Bypass in the last week:

1. CLICK HERE for “Bypass To Nowhere Breaks Ground Snarls Traffic”
“The project is said to be completed in winter of 2010 according to theThe project is said to be completed in winter of 2010 according to the www.wsdot.wa.gov site. I use the term completed loosely because the only funding any where near in place is Stage One that only runs to Cullins Road, not even to Canal Rd which could then route some of the traffic around town.

And the new zoning of the land the 1/2 a Bypass will run through? The City of Yelm doesnt have water to hook up peoples homes that they issued building permits to, much less to start developing all the new exiting commercial and residential zoning along the Bypass site.”
Ed. Note: HMMM! Food for thought!

2. CLICK HERE for “Bypass To Nowhere Traffic Info”
“I emailed Dennis Engel at the Washington State Department of Transportation, who replied to me quickly with some great info on the construction schedule.

Weekly traffic updates for Thurston County are published at on the wsdot website.”

April 27, 2010


“Check out Rainiers new library”
“VOLUNTEERS: Communitys dream of having a library is reality a year later”

“One year after the creation of a local library was proposed at a Rainier Historical Society meeting, the Rainier Volunteer Library will celebrate its grand opening.

The May 8 ceremony concludes a whirlwind year that brought the entirely volunteer-run library from dream to reality,” quoting The Olympian.
The Olympian’s picture of the library: CLICK HERE

An Olympian reader put the Rainier Library Grand-Opening in perspective with Yelm’s soon-to-be shrinking library:
“It’s amazing Rainier was able to do this, my sincere congrats. It’s sad that Yelm is much bigger and is only interested in bringing in the big developers for huge housing projects, but has shown no interest in a permanent library. Mayor Harding is only interested in getting the big developers here to rack in the money for his back pockets instead. Due to the big developers, Yelm has gone over its water supply and water rates have sky-rocketed. Don’t move within Yelm city limits, its leaders are corrupt and only think about how to fill their back pockets, move to Rainier instead. Rainer cares and makes an effort for the needs of the people.”
SCROLL DOWN HERE to see all of the comments.

April 26, 2010



The omissions from the Mayor, City Hall, in a Letter to the Editor from a local pastor & lack of in-depth coverage from the local newspaper have kept the public from having the full facts about Yelm’s water issue & how the city has worked against protecting the their interests.
The public records are all here & easily accessible for the newspaper to verify & report.

Yes, this is a long AND yet simple list of Yelm’s water actions below, only to prove a point; that the city’s water woes are solely at their own creation.

If you read nothing else below, you should be aware of the latest notice the City of Yelm has received, impacting any further water connections to the city’s water system (see # 11 below).

The following facts are not disputed, as they are all supported below by public documents:

1. The City of Yelm over-pumped their Ecology allocated water rights in 2009 (796.66 vs. 810.42 afy = 13.76 acy over).
Doing the math with an acre foot/year (acy) serving 3.5 homes, that means Yelm over-pumped an amount equal to 48 homes (3.5 X 13.76).
CLICK HERE for the details.
CLICK HERE for Ecology’s official word on Yelm’s over-pumping.

2. The City of Yelm has failed to update their 6-year draft Water System Plan (WSP), due in September, 2008, resulting in a Yellow Operating Permit from the Dept. of Health [as stated in Ecology’s letter above].
Yellow means “Adequate for existing uses and new service connections up to the number of approved service connections (see # 11 below) unless otherwise limited by a compliance agreement,” quoting Health’s site.
CLICK HERE for Drinking Water Operating Permit information from the Dept. of Health.

3. The city’s WSP has not been approved by the Depts. of Health or Ecology. Many things have changed since this Plan was released to the public, including yet not limited to the default of Thurston Highlands & Tahoma Terra, meaning this Plan needs to be reworked.
CLICK HERE for Health’s letter to the City of Yelm stating what must be done for Health to approve the plan.

4. The City of Yelm allocated in excess of $550,000 to benefit a private developer, who was supposed to repay their pro-rata share of a water study on their property. That developer defaulted and left the city with over one-half million dollars in unpaid fees & back taxes.
CLICK HERE for the January, 2007 letter from City Administrator Shelly Badger.

Badger said the pro-rata share of the water study will be determined from the Thurston Highlands impact analysis completed during the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and stated as a condition of the Conceptual Master Plan.” There were no provisions in the agreement for reimbursement if the developers defaulted, which happened in September, 2008.
CLICK HERE for the city’s Agreement for Conceptual Master Site Plan with Thurston Highlands.

5. The City of Yelm’s draft Water System Plan proposes to charge city water ratepayers for the costs of financing the 5,000-home Thurston Highlands Master-Planned Community (MPC) water study, water acquisition & installation. If not to support an MPC there, the city would have no need to spend $11.4 million on miles of pipes and other infrastructure and raise water customers’ rates to pay for this when the city already has enough infrastructure to support current and future customers by simply upgrading their existing system.
CLICK HERE for Chapter 8.8 of the city’s draft Water System Plan (WSP) highlighting these expenditures.

6. The Mayor stated the city could condemn Tahoma Terra property to obtain more water and drill a test/production well on this defaulted property. The Yelm City Council authorized $615,000 to drill a well on this land slated for auction.
CLICK HERE for the Staff Report requesting the $615,223.

7. The city proposed a 5-fold increase in water withdrawal from the aquifer.
If the water supply dropped and deeper wells were necessary due to the ridiculous volume of water Yelm proposes to pump, local landowners would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of their own pockets to drill their wells deeper because the static level in area wells would subsequently drop & their water would turn brackish at their current well depths.
The city’s own engineering report shows proposed city wells in the SW Yelm Well Field (Thurston Highlands, LLC property) will drop area property owners’ wells by 10-23 feet, perhaps more.
CLICK HERE for the city’s Draft WSP.
CLICK HERE for info on the local wells draw down.

8. Developers Bloom & Chamberlain transferred the Tahoma Valley Golf Course water rights to the city. When they defaulted, the city was left with the Golf Course well project, “previously assumed to be fully developer-constructed and then to be turned over to the city, is now required to be 100% City-funded at a cost estimated to be $1.6 million”. That well project is not completed & remains unavailable for use.
CLICK HERE for the aforementioned quote from the City’s Draft Water System Plan, Chapter 9, page 13

9. The Yelm City Council approved an ordinance to cut commercial irrigation by 50% as the city attempts to reduce water consumption to levels within their allocation. Unfortunately, neither Mayor Harding nor the Nisqually Valley News in their front-page story this week shared the reason for this drastic measure – that the city over-pumped their Ecology water allocation in 2009.
Ed. Note: While I am all for conservation, at no time has the reason been mentioned to the public for this action – that the city over-pumped their water allocation.
CLICK HERE for the info on the city’s over-pumping the aquifer.
CLICK HERE for the Staff report on Resolution 509.

10 The Yelm City Council will pass Ordinance 920 tomorrow night which allows the city to gather water rights from decommissioned, private wells within the city limits and take those water rights for the city’s.
CLICK HERE for the Staff Report on Ordinance 920.

And last:
11. On April 8, 2010, City Administrator Shelly Badger received a letter from the Dept, of Health stating that on April 23rd, (last Friday) they will set the city’s water system “at capacity”. That means the Office of Drinking Water (ODW) will designate the current number of connections served as being all that will be allowed. Health stated, “The decision is based on the the fact that this system has exceeded its physical source capacity”.
Ed. Note: How would you like to receive a Building Permit from the city only to be told you could not be connected to the city’s water system? What would you do?
CLICK HERE for the Dept. of Health letter to Yelm.

Bottom Line: So, what does this mean?
Regardless of the city’s spin & area leaders’ omissions in addressing their constituents on water issues, the City of Yelm can not add any more hook-ups to the city’s water system. While the city may approve building permits, they can make no further water connections above the April 23rd number.
For now, this limits the city’s ability to draw-down the aquifer, the key point in this issue.

So, to answer this NVN reader’s question,
“Will Steve Klien (sic) finally shut up and sit down?”
Heavens, NO!
Not until the public is provided the truth in a full-reporting of the facts from Mayor Harding, City Hall and religious leaders.
Attempting to make me the issue is a convenient tactic to use to divert attention away from the facts.

[Ed. Note: Even City Administrator Badger failed to give a correct answer in response to a Council member’s question earlier this month that the city owned the land at the Tahoma Terra land at the city’s proposed well site.]

April 25, 2010


The Childrens School of Excellence (CSE) in Rainier is now accepting enrollments for the 2010-2011 school year. CSE continues to strengthen and enrich the academic and distinctive programs of the school and we thank you for allowing us the privilege of educating your children.

For more information about enrolling at CSE, CLICK HERE.

For Admissions information or to set up an appointment to visit the campus, you are welcome to call us at (360) 446-1100 or email trina@cseinfo.com

We appreciate your confidence in us and we look forward to a wonderful partnership with you in the new school year.

Trina Greenbury
CSE Administrator


“The Childrens School of Excellence is a Washington State approved Pre-K through Grade Six, coeducational non-profit private school, where young people prosper in thought and imagination and explore all possibilities as individuals and as members of a school community.

CSE is dedicated to providing an educational environment that supports the development of students who are confident, productive, responsible individuals who possess the ethics, habits, skills, and attitudes that prepare them for higher education and lifelong learning.

The curriculum is fostered by inspired teaching staff and faculty who encourage self-expression, curiosity, creativity, and genius. Educating children is a privilege and our goal is outstanding individual achievement.”

April 24, 2010



Again this year is the Hands-on Childrens Museum’s activities sponsored by the Prairie Hotel & Yelm Cinemas.

8:30 am – 5:00 pm

10am – 4:00pm

Free Admission, Free Parking

CLICK HERE for the schedule.

CLICK HERE for vendors.

CLICK HERE for directions.

CLICK HERE for the NVN special section.

The Nisqually Valley Home Show in Yelm!

April 23, 2010


Sandra Romero

Commissioner Sandra Romero Hosts Monthly Coffees with Area Residents

Please join Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero, as she hosts her monthly informal coffee hours in Rainier & Yelm on Monday, April 26th.

This months coffee will focus on the countys Planning Department.
Its mission is to plan for sustainable land use and development within the unincorporated areas of Thurston County so that residential and business communities can thrive within a healthy environment. Our special guest will be Planning Director, Scott Clark.

This department deals with many important issues that affect the public, including the countys comprehensive plan, climate change, and critical areas.

These coffees give you the opportunity to talk about issues, ask questions about the county, and share ideas. Commissioner Romero provides to participants coffee that she pays for herself. She is the
representative of District 2, which includes Yelm, Lacey, and Rainier.

Citizen meeting with second district County Commissioner Sandra Romero

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainier: 9:30am 10:30am – Rainier City Hall 102
Rochester St. W.

Yelm: 11:00am Noon Blue Bottle Espresso 309
East Yelm Avenue

Lisa Paribello
Commissioner Staff
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502


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