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“Livvy is 4 years old and her IQ is in the 99.9th percentile of the general population who took the IQ test.

At age 3, she tested and easily qualified for Mensa, the high IQ society that offers programs, support and education for extremely gifted children and adults around the world whose IQs are in the top 2 percent.

At first, Coverdale [her mother, Virginia Coverdale] thought, ‘Whats the point?’ and didnt sign her daughter up. She wondered what good Mensa would do.

But now Livvy is accepted as a member and is a penpal with another 4-year-old in London.

Coverdale said she always knew Livvy was precocious.

Livvy taught herself to read at age 2.

When she was 3, she began piano lessons and already knows how to read music and play three-chord songs. For Mothers Day, Livvy took Coverdales phone and recorded an improvised piece that sounds well beyond her years.

It wasnt until Livvy was in school and Coverdale had other children to compare her to that she realized the extent of her daughters intelligence…

Academically, Livvy is at least at the third-grade level. Socially, shes still 4 and physically, shes a little small for her age.

After being told the best thing to do would be to withdraw Livvy from school and let her do what she loves, Coverdale let Livvy garden and spend time with her grandmother…

In March, however, Coverdale enrolled Livvy in kindergarten at Childrens School of Excellence in Rainier, hoping they could accommodate her needs, both social and academic…

Livvy already knew reading and math when she enrolled at CSE. Multiplication even the concept of squaring numbers comes easy to her…

Coverdale credits the school and its teaching concepts for helping Livvy to blossom socially and be comfortable in a school environment.

‘Shes enjoying school for the first time,’ Coverdale said. ‘I couldnt drag her out of bed before.’

One of Livvys favorite activities is chess…

Now, she is taught by national chess master Loal Davis…

In addition to chess and piano, Livvy bakes, gardens and plays golf…

Coverdale knows her daughters level of intelligence is unique. The disparity between being in the 98th percentile to qualify for Mensa and the 99.9th percentile is almost the difference between being below average and gifted.

But Coverdale said it isnt about bragging, and parents with twice-exceptional kids know they arent pushing their kids to be academically-inclined; the kids are the ones pushing because they love to learn.

‘Between us, were not bragging,’ Coverdale said. ‘Were shocked and amazed.’

‘I believe we are all geniuses and people are tapping into that in different ways.’

‘The kids here (at CSE) are some of the most precocious kids,’ she added. ‘Even the ones who arent the most academic are wise. They ask questions, and its not just kid questions.’

‘They want to know how the universe works,’ quoting the NVN.


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