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Sir Robert D. Jones, Jr.
picture copyright 2010 JZ Knight, used with permission.

Sir Robert Dean Jones, Jr. of Rainier passed away at his home on Thursday evening, May 13 after a brief illness. Sir Robert gave his heart & soul to this community over two decades including, yet not limited to:

– establishing his renowned I BEAT DYSLEXIA business in Yelm’s central core for many years.

– established Sir Robert’s Foundation in Rainier, “whose purpose is to fund and promote education and research in the areas of Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities.”

– opened NEW DYNAMIC TRANSPORT with daughter Cozette Fyrst in Yelm’s central business core in April, 2008, whose mission was to “offer a revolutionary, cost effective, zero emissions, convenient and fun way of getting around,” with a unique sturdy, folding bike.

– opened Ion Ways water filtration systems with daughter Cozette Fyrst in Yelm’s central business core in February, 2010.

– published the book I Beat Dyslexia and So Can You and wrote the instructors training courses.

Sir Robert was well-known for his love of children and nowhere was this exhibited locally more than with his annual contributions to Rainier’s Children’s School of Excellence Auctions, where he made news every year including “the $40,000 paid by Sir Robert Jones for a pair of Ramtha’s boots, donated by channeler JZ Knight” in 2007.
He also possessed a trademark belly-laugh known by all that was infectious.

Sir Robert was born December 29, 1947 & grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, one of 12 siblings. He served in the U. S. Army being assigned to an infantry unit on the frontlines in Vietnam. He found his Master Teacher, Ramtha and moved to Yelm, along with most of his family in the early 1990’s.
He was appointed by Ramtha as a Red Guard, a position in which he served for 2 almost decades & most recently as a Teacher. Sir Robert always was enthusiastic about learning the power of the mind and since attending RSE, he healed his heart, thyroid & kidneys through techniques learned at RSE and had the before/after medical records to prove it. Sir Robert taught the power of the mind and how that could be applied to healing the body.

Sir Robert’s Funeral – A Celebration” will be held on the Yelm campus of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment on Monday, May 24th at 10am in the Great Hall he loved so much.
Sir Robert touched the lives of many around the Nisqually Valley, so in a unique opportunity for our community to come together to honor this beloved man’s life, the RSE campus will be open to the public.
CLICK HERE for map to entrance of RSE’s campus.

Sir Robert’s greatest legacy is that of HIS children:
Cozette Fyrst and her husband Kai,
Robert D. Jones, IV and his wife Laurie McClelland
& Sir Robert’s grand-daughter Helen,
and son Exa-Siltana (age 11) all of the Yelm area
plus 2 daughters Maisha Jones & Kristynna Jones that live out of the area.
He is also survived by current partner Ruth Sparrow,
and former wives Kim Fyrst-Jones and Michelle Jones, owner of Yelm’s Blue Bottle Cafe, all of Yelm.

In lieu of flowers, the family is accepting donations to The Masters’ Fund in Sir Robert’s name.

In closing, this poem Sir Robert wrote sums up the essence of this humble Giant!


By Sir Robert D. Jones, Jr.

I wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing,

the wind whistling, and I feel the warmth of the sun.

The trees are stretching to the heavens,

the flowers are bursting with color

and the world is awakening to another day of life.

How grand it is to be a part of it all!

How many days have you awakened,

not noticing these things?

I was not fully awakened to lifes wonder

until I learned to read and write.

Now I am smelling the flowers and enjoying their fragrance

and hearing the birds fill the world with their songs.

I see the trees with their towering strength.

I breathe the wind and have found new life in all things.

How grand it is to be able to read and write!

And I give thanks to the Lord God of my being

for awakening me to the fact that I can do all things.

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  1. Sir Robert,

    I will never forget your smile and your laughter and your kindness toward me; I must say that I have emotions knowing that you have left this plane. But I know that your presence is still here and I will see you again.

    I remember when I lived in Yelm; I would love going past your home and taking pictures of Orbs, because every time, I would pass your home, I would take these beautiful photos of Orbs without failure, they would always show up.

    I remember your daughter saying to you, dad someone is always taking pictures of our home, well one day, you tracked me down in my car and we chatted about it and had a wonderful laugh.

    I dont know who your Orbs friends were, but they were some of the most beautiful photos and I know they are with you now.

    Much love and happiness to your new journey and I will see you again my friend.


    Comment by Tierney Harker on May 27, 2010 at 11:16 am

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