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Rainier’s CSE Auction June, 2009,
Steve Klein, State Legislature Candidate Rep. Tom Campbell and his wife Lynn
Photo courtesy of the Children’s School of Excellence (CSE)

Dear Yelm Community Blog readers,

I received the letter below from 2nd Legislative District Rep. Tom Campbell in response to a published article by Pierce County Dispatch reporter Bruce Smith. I was dismayed at some of the things that have been said about Rep. Campbell, whom I have found to be a committed listener on any topic, even on those we may disagree. What can be said about Tom Campbell is that his allegiance has always been first to his constituents, ALL constituents & not to area elected officials & corporate maneuverings.

Tom has been an independent voice in representing this district, and says what he believes and feels is right. I consider this man a state legislator of integrity, one who will make the tough call to vote against his party on issues in the best interest of the public he was elected to serve.
As Smith points out, there “is the unprecedented number of endorsements that Wilcox (Campbell’s opponent) has received from Republican Party leaders and office holders.” …
“It’s poor etiquette,” said Matt Hamilton. “Usually, endorsements are given after the primary.”

What is interesting is that the Republican leadership seems to be dumping their incumbent candidate.

Tom votes for the people, not the party.
Is the Republican Party dumping their incumbent before the Primary because Campbell doesn’t vote party line, rather what is best for his district’s hard working families & individuals?
As one writer to the Dispatch wrote, “To criticize him for standing up for all of us on issues he believes to be just is a cowardly way to win votes. Hopefully the people will realize that choosing a candidate who simply conforms to party lines is not a decision that would benefit us all the most.”

While the Wilcox family & their work here throughout several generations are recognized for excellence, voters would be wise to observe the names, city officials and corporate entities already lining-up behind Campbell’s opponent Wilcox, indicative of some very cozy relationship building already underway, that may not be in the public’s best interest.
As Tom said, “This is a nasty campaign… already.”

Here is Representative Campbell’s letter, in his own words:

Please look at the linked article in the Dispatch and the comments attached to it. I am particularly displeased with the comment by Phil Dyer who said I broke my word on healthcare, which is a lie. I have fought hard to increase access and control costs in every way possible, no change in that ever. I also made law strong provisions to punish and remove incompetent and dangerous health care practitioners. I created a Hospital Acquired Infection Reporting System with the CDC that tracks and publicly reports infection in our States hospitals. It should be noted that Mr. Dyer supported LeMay in his dump efforts when I passed the Bill banning dumps over aquifers like ours in 1999!

I voted against the 960 bust and did not support any new taxes that passed this year. The referenced Furlough Bill SB 6503 was not supported by any Republican I know in the HOUSE, it was a bad bill! I suggested that if we want to cut government payroll that we the elected should lead by example. I proposed that all of us, from the Governor, legislature, judges and ALL states employees, including the Washington Management Service take a 3% pay cut. The bill only affects about 24% of the State Employees, mainly the line workers not the managers and directors. It hit that 24% at 5-15% of their pay. It was unfair and just a simple political ploy. I am more than willing to share the pain, EQUALLY.

I have been very effective in protecting my district and returning tax dollars to my district not shipping them to Seattle. I lead the way in last years transportation budget securing 1.4Billion dollars in transportation projects in Pierce County. I obtained 10.5 M dollars to begin the Bethel Skills Center, giving kids a trade and a reason to not drop out and secure family wage jobs. I passed laws to reduce the massive numbers of meth labs in our community, a full 80% drop in labs in the year following the passage of the first bill in 2005 and now its follow on in 2010, the electronic pseudo ephedrine tracking bill. I have successfully helped pass the Toxic Toys bill eliminating toys made with dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, mostly from China. I have supported and secured funds to build the Bridge for Kids in Orting. Someday that Lahar will come, I am determined to prepare so people will not die from our inaction. I assisted the town of Orting in building their new Public Safety building for their Police and Fire Officers. I have supported funds for Eatonvilles water system and road projects. I have worked to build the Yelm Loop Project, now it has begun in the southern portion. I will stick with it until it is complete. I have supported the restoration of the Historical School Building in Rainier, providing a community center for the town with a new HVAC system, roof and other improvements. I have supported the Soldiers Home for our Veterans in every year that I have been in office, most recently the project to restore the Garfield Barracks. I have been mentioned many times in the Tacoma News Tribune as one of Pierce Counties most effective legislators. I never shy away from a fight when I believe it is necessary to protect and advance the interests of my neighbors. I am definitely not a go along Get along type. I am forthright, direct and honest to a flaw. Most politicians hate that and as you see will stab me in the back at any turn. I am proud of my work for the people who have trusted me in each election and I have never let them down.

This is a nasty campaign that is already falsely maligning me. I need my friends to speak out on my behalf.

We will be having a debate on Wed. June 2nd, 7PM at the Dryer Friendship hall in Parkland. Please come if you can.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rep. Tom Campbell


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