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At the end of the Yelm City Council meeting May 25, 2010, Council member Don Miller asked the status of completion of the Longmire Park $460,000 toilet project.
He was told by staff that as soon as the weather is better & concrete can be poured, the facility can be completed.

Council member Joe Baker then added,
“It’s gonna be a really nice facility.
I can’t believe that far out of town we’re going to have such nice facilities. It’s going to be nice.”

Mayor Harding added, “it’s a class A facility.”

Ed. Note: One would hope this would be a nice facility after asking the state to throw $465,000 to build 8 flush toilets, ADA toilet & concession stand to the city.
What state budget problem?
Council member Baker did bring up a good point — that the facility is too far from town to be used by anyone other than those headed to the ball fields for a particular purpose.

HMMM – over one-half million dollars (when you add maintenance costs, etc.) only for flush toilets that will get used weekends and perhaps some evenings in summer & early fall only!

Where is the new Yelm Library facility?
The new Youth Recreation Center?

Yelm is touting new flush toilets for a ballpark instead.

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