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Yelm Public Safety Building & City Council Chambers

The City of Yelm posted to their website on July 15th their Final Water System Plan

“The City Council will hold a public hearing on the adoption of the updated Water System Plan on
Tuesday, July 27, 2010,
at 7:00 PM
in the City Council Chambers
at 206 McKenzie Street.”

CLICK HERE for the city’s Staff Report.

CLICK HERE to city’s links to the Final Water System Plan are still inactive, as of today.
That the public is barred from seeing the Final Water System Plan information is modus-operandi for a city known nationally for limiting the populace’s voice!

Ed. Note: Though the notice was published in the Nisqually Valley News, July 16, did you see this important story for city residents’ in the newspaper of record (Nisqually Valley News) as a front-page story this week?
Of course not!
Yet, for those people that own or rent parcels inside the city limits, THIS issue alone will come out of our wallets monthly MORE than any flushing-park-toilets funding, yet the silence from local citizens & newspaper is amazing.

The focus in the newspaper about my letter on flushing park-toilets funding diverted attention from the 32% water rate-payer increase in Yelm in the last year, courtesy of the city’s Water System Plan, the final version being released to the public last week. AND, more water rate increases to come in 2011 through 2015!

Letter writers to the NVN Cindy Teixeria & Mark Belknap reside in Pierce County, do not own property in Yelm & are unaffected by Yelm’s water rate increases, a city budget drowning in hundreds of thousands of dollars in uncollected developer taxes & fees, a City Council that seizes a citizens water rights and a Mayor & City Council that stifle constituents’ rights of redress when they disagree with them!
And this week’s NVN letter writer Wes McKean is employed by Tacoma’s (also Pierce County) Cross Engineers, who worked on the Yelm High School & McKenna Elementary School reconstruction projects.

Ed Note: Isn’t it funny that standard operating procedure in Yelm for years is to bring out those people that have had monetary interests with the City of Yelm to write against me, yet do not pay city taxes by living or owning property in town?
(Teixeira was employed by the newspaper and the city, Belknap acknowledges local contractors being hired by the city for park toilets & McKean’s company was contracted by Yelm Schools. HMMM!)

Will we be hearing from those letter writers about the city’s Water System Plan rate increases?
Of course not!

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