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Hopefully, we will be hearing soon from Mayor Harding on the city’s plans for the future of the Yelm Library.

With a little over a year until the lease is up in the current facility, the city will have to share with the public all of their efforts to secure the library’s future in Yelm, whether at the current facility in some breakthrough rental deal, the former Police Station structure or some other option.

In the meantime, this writer’s wife wrote a rare Letter to the Editor to the Nisqually Valley News on the distortions of what has been written by former Nisqually Valley News reporter, most recent City of Yelm Community and Government Relations Coordinator (whose position was eliminated in 2009 during the city’s cost-cutting) & Friends of the Yelm Library official Cindy Teixeira.

Yael said,
“Our library is about to shrink down considerably, as Mayor Harding has publicly stated. His comment that the library should be of a size to only serve City of Yelm residents ignores the fact that property tax-payers
outside of Yelm contribute a large percentage to fund Yelm’s library.

Some serious people stepped up in a significant way long-ago & asked about the future of a public library building, years AHEAD of the ending of the 2011 lease. Cindy Teixeira’s letter last week unintelligently attacked those that stepped forward…

We all want a library here.”

CLICK HERE for the full text of Klein’s letter, used here with permission.

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  1. Sounds more like someone very close to Mrs. Teixeira has their feelings hurt, though not about my wife’s letter or Yelm’s library future, however about me identifying Mrs. Teixeira’s former role as a city official. This is important information for new Blog readers to know, since she was a city spokesperson when the issue of a new library was first raised & should know better than writing letters without the correct facts.
    After all, Teixeira’s former newspaper always refers to me as Yelm’s “former mayoral candidate”… jeepers that was 5 years ago!

    Oh, and pitbull?
    You obviously do not know me, Art.
    No one speaks for me – I do that for myself!

    Now, are you a pitbull?

    Comment by Steve Klein on August 30, 2010 at 6:36 am

  2. Hey, Art – Looks like you’ve learned how to use the Ad Hominem approach to your letter writing. “You people…” etc. etc. etc. What ever happened to common courtesy when communicating with your fellow human beings? Are you feeling so weak and powerless in your life that you need to verbally attack people you don’t even know in order to feel significant? Can you not ascertain that the NVN is using prejudice and controversy to sell newspapers instead of factual reporting? I suspect it is a whole lot easier to get you to read the NVN if it gets your emotions going than if you were presented with the objective truth.

    I know you won’t be interested in my suggestion, Art, but I’ll make it anyway: Instead of jumping to conclusions based on your biases, why not try stepping back and analyzing the facts? You will probably need to do your own research, as Yael suggested Cindy Teixiera do, since you can rarely find accurate reporting in the NVN. You could find the facts here on the Yelm Blog, but it would probably be best if you took the time to get them for yourself for a couple of reasons – 1) You would find out how much time and effort it takes to gather the information (not to mention reporting your findings); 2) You would be able to verify the truth about Steve’s reporting. Then you might actually appreciate “You people….” and the completely unconditional, free service we’ve been given.

    And to Yael – I read the full text of your “Letter to the Editor” and thoroughly enjoyed it! My favorite line is, “To have a big mouth with empty words in attacking a real supporting force because it is above your level of participation and out of your league, shows an inane viewpoint without words of wisdom emanating from them.” Well said.

    And to Christine – exactly! What is the real purpose if everyone is truly interested in the common good?

    And to Steve, once again, thank you for providing this service to the community. It still bothers me to see all the idiotic prejudice in Yelm. Maybe if I didn’t know so many of the “You people…” and love and appreciate them, it wouldn’t, but I do and it does. I’ve heard that we learn best by contrasts, so that might be the usefulness in the senselessness.

    Comment by Kathleen on August 30, 2010 at 12:14 pm

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