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Representative Tom Campbell
Photo from Representative Campbell’s official website

The Nisqually Valley News published this Letter to the Editor in their print edition, yet not in the online edition. This important letter is printed here with permission of the writer:

“Tom Campbell is an effective, productive state representative”

Working across party lines, he gets things done, something that the much more right wing Wilcox will not be able to do.

Campbell is a listener and understands that things don’t get done quickly in government. Because he is ready to take the long view, he makes things happen.

It’s Campbell’s persistence that, as part of a bipartisan coalition, obtained $70 million for a 2008-09 transportation budget, along with nearly $1 billion for 2009-15 transportation projects that will bring jobs and stimulate the economy in Pierce and beyond, including our Yelm alternative loop.

Statewide, these appropriations will create 40,000 jobs these next two years and as many as 100,000 jobs over the next six years.

As chair of the Committee on Environment Health he worked to remove toxins and harmful chemicals from our children’s clothing, baby bottles, electronics, toys, carpets etc. He is working on making sure our health care providers are competent and has done powerful work to keep the drug-resistant infection MRSA out of our hospitals.

He’s enacted strong drug and crime prevention laws. Why would we want to get rid of this amazingly productive man?

I would also like to say that Stan Rumbaugh would be a great pick for the Supreme court. He will bring a record of balance and independence to the Court, rather than incumbent Jim Johnson who, having received $500,000 from corporate special interests has sided with the ultra-conservative trade associations 17 out of the 18 times they have filed briefs.
He used to represent the Building Industry Association of Washington and has written Tim Eyman’s initiatives.
I thought judges were supposed to be impartial.

Florence Vincent

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  1. Actions speak louder than sympathies for attack ads, for which Campbell has been the butt of many AND along with distortions of his record.

    Campbell has repeatedly delivered, has stood up to a belligerent Yelm Mayor Pro-tem at one of his Town Hall meetings AND listened, something that is a rarity.

    Comment by Steve Klein on August 11, 2010 at 6:49 am

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