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Mayor Ron Harding

Mayor Ron Harding’s “Mayor’s Column” in the Nisqually Valley News out last Thursday sure had some interesting twists, where he said, as follows:

1. Quoting Mayor Harding
“recent discussion has tried to lead opinion away from what is important and taking this issue
out of proper perspective…

Ed. Note:
Regardless of the letters to the editor about the library’s future to which he is referencing, his own remarks along with TRL interim Yelm Librarian & Council member Mike McGowan’s in the newspaper have been inflammatory & controversial, as well. [covered here in detail]

Further, quoting the NVN last week about Harding’s comments:
“He said the regional library is a great resource, but he recognizes that if Yelms taxpayers are going to bear the sole responsibility, then the city may need to put its residents needs first.”

Ed. Note:
A greater percentage of Yelm’s library funding comes from outside of the City of Yelm, as TRL Director Crose said in his interview here.

2. Harding continued:
“I am in regular contact with Timberland’s director and we continue to discuss new possibilities…”

Ed. Note:
In the September 2nd interview here, TRL Dir. Crose said:
“Blogger: Have you heard from the City of Yelm on their intentions?

Crose: No. I have sent a request to Mayor Harding asking to be kept in the loop.”

Prior to Sept. 2nd, Mayor Harding TRL was NOT in regular contact with TRL’s director!
Has that all of the sudden changed in the last 2 weeks? HMMM!

3. Harding added:
“The controversy is currently just limited to an issue of square footage.

Debate about who should pay for what is behind us.”

Ed. Note:
Debate will not be “behind us” if county taxpayers are not considered in the library’s future.

Rep. Tom Campbell said last week that Yelm’s City Council is spending tens of thousands of dollars for a lobbyist that is a waste of taxpayer money, when legislators are paid to do that job.

Nisqually Valley News Publisher/Editor Keven Graves’ Op-Ed invited Rep. Campbell to address this issue in the newspaper saying:
“As for his [Campbell’s] criticism of the citys decision to spend money on lobbyists, I think thats a legitimate topic of public debate.

If Campbell would like the opportunity to address the subject in a guest column, he is getting his invitation right now, from me.”

Ed. Note:
One hopes Rep. Campbell’s column/reply will be published unabridged in the local newspaper and soon.

Afterall, if the city can authorize a lobbyist according to the August 27th NVN:
“The city will pay a total of $36,000 at $4,000 per month with expenses not to exceed $2,000 a month.

Previously, the city paid $25,000 for services,”

then why is authorizing rent such an issue for the city to fund a library here?

Priorities vs. fiscal responsibility.

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