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During the Public Hearing with the Yelm Planning Commission & Yelm City Council, I requested the 2010 to 2015 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Map be amended to show
– Phase One of the Bypass (the 1.1 mile stretch from Mudd Run Rd. to Cullen) to be competed in 2011
– Phase 2 (3.4 mile section from Cullen to Wal-Mart) to reflect as unfunded.
This would provide the true picture for planners in the city, county & state.
Yelm City Community Development Director Beck responded that was unnecessary and declined, leaving the map with showing a whole Y3 Bypass.

I brought this issue to the attention of County Commissioner Sandra Romero at her Yelm Coffee on April 26, who was joined by County Associate Planner Jeremy Davis. Mrs. Romero asked if I would meet with County officials to discuss my suggestion, since part of Phase One of the Bypass is outside city limits in the county and she found my comments valid for review with the Comprehensive Plan Updates of the city & county. I agreed.

That meeting occurred with Thurston County officials and as this is a joint plan, they agreed & revised the “City of Yelm 20 Year Transportation Plan (2005-2030)” with a note at the top saying,

“Joint Plan Only – Y3 SR 510 to SR 507 (SR 510 Loop): As of 2010, improvements beyond Cullens Road are not funded, aside from right-of-way acquisision (sic). These Improvements are expected to be
funded within the 20-year planning horizon.”

I felt the public and Thurston County planning officials had a right to know & have listed on this official document (the STIP map) that the Bypass was to be built in two phases, as requested by the city and that Phase One traffic would use city residential streets, with no traffic light at Cullen Ave & Yelm Ave. West.

Further, Bypass traffic coming into the city (i.e. heavy truck traffic) would also use the neighborhood streets of Coats Rd & Stevens St. to/from Cullen, creating a scenario where the city will have heavy 2-way traffic on Cullen between Yelm Ave. West & Coats Rd & the Bypass, especially during School entry/exit times. These are residential neighborhood streets with children at play.

I pointed out Cullen Rd. is not designed to carry this type of traffic or ensuing volumes & this situation will not be remedied anytime soon & therefore should be on the map.

CLICK HERE for the revised City of Yelm 20 Year Transportation Plan (2005-2030).

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