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Representative Tom Campbell
Photo from Representative Campbell’s official website

There has been so much in the local newspaper about the fine work of Wilcox Farms, that the lines may be blurred between Wilcox Farms & Legislative District 2 and Wilcox family candidate JT Wilcox. I think that would be unfortunate.

How a candidate runs their campaign is how they will conduct their affairs in-office, as I learned when I ran for Mayor of Yelm in 2005, which had so many untruths/attacks about me personally presented to the public from my opponent & from his allies, right down to a local pastor’s nonfactual & false letters to the editor.
The mayor never discussed the issues in 2005, rather went about attempting to attack my character.
As an unopposed candidate, he never discussed his vision for the next 4 years in 2009 either.
That spoke volumes.

Oh, and many people will say I am a whiner.
See things as they are, I say.
The truth in the facts, as I have presented here for 5 years, says it all.

The citizens of Yelm & the greater Yelm community have seen what this Mayor has foisted on his constituents with B & O tax increases, water rate increases, mandatory irrigation reductions on businesses, still no library locale, 1/2 million for flushing park toilets – most of which are now locked, hundred’s of thousands of dollars in uncollected fees & back-taxes from no liens filed in the Thurston Highlands default, seizing a citizen’s water rights, and on and on.
He is supposed to be a protector of his citizens first and foremost.

Mayor Harding declined the Nisqually Valley News’ sponsored Public Forum with me in September, 2005.
Mr. Harding also declined any public discussion of important citizens’ affairs with me or his constituents.
He has yet to hold a Town Hall Meeting of any kind or to have a public discourse in either of his two terms, while our County Commissioner Romero is here monthly for her public coffees and our Olympia Legislative Reps & Senator are here regularly.
So, how he ran his campaign is how he runs his elected post.

Therefore, after seeing the insert in the Tacoma News Tribune yesterday, I asked Rep. Tom Campbell, running for re-election as a Legislative District 2 candidate if I could reprint his advertisement here.

Is the same type of campaign conducted by Mr. Harding in 2005 carrying forth here in the Legislative District 2 campaign of Mr. Wilcox in 2010?
Rep. Campbell brings forth some important facts for all area voters to pause & consider.
This distinction between campaign styles should be noted – for this carries-over in how citizen affairs are conducted!

While I applaud Nisqually Valley News Editor/Publisher for asking Rep. Campbell to share his views on the City of Yelm’s expenditure for a lobbyist, I do not expect his newspaper to carry this important message from Rep. Campbell for Yelm area readers AND voters.

Printed here with permission for the greater Yelm Community.

CLICK HERE for Rep. Campbell’s important ad on this district’s election.


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