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Photo of Longmire Park’s Public Building

Four of Eight toilets have been locked for a month

Third world America
“Collapsing bridges, street lights turned off, cuts to basic services: the decline of a superpower”

“Welcome to the ground level of Americas economic crisis. The U.S. unemployment rate is 9.5 per cent. One in 10 homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments. Home sales are at record lows…

Property and sales tax revenues have shrunk. And nowhere is this more apparent than at the local government level, where officials are being forced to roll back the everyday hallmarks of modern civilization…
Facing a US$1-billion budget shortfall, Montgomery County in Maryland appealed for corporate sponsors to step up and adopt porta-potties in its public parks…

These cuts in infrastructure and education are more than just a temporary belt-tightening in response to a recession. They threaten long-term damage to Americans economic foundationa foundation that has long been eroding,” quoting Canada’s Macleans.

Ed. Note:
To reduce maintenance expenses, fifty percent of Yelm’s half-million dollar flush toilets are locked now that summer’s use has ended. As stated here many times previously, the toilet & concession facility would see regular patronage only 3 months a year, the rest of the time having to be closed to save on maintenance or to turn off the water in winter to keep the pipes form freezing.

Now, we are seeing that as fact!
Expect the city to reduce to two operating toilets by month’s end & then shut the whole thing down until late March.

Oh, and on the day last week I was there taking pictures, the lights were on in all of the toilets.
There are no timer switches on the lights, so the city is paying for electricity when people forget to turn them out. When one walks in with a skylight above bringing in light, they don’t pay attention to the light switch, which could be on for days.

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