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Jack & Mops Magical Adventures
Pumpkins and Particle Widgets
By Yelm author Pam Paizs

“As a child, first time author P.A. Paizs was captivated by the magic of the classic “A Little Princess”, and it would become the inspiration for her to write an equally exciting tale for today’s children of all ages: Jack & Mops Magical Adventures, Pumpkins and Particle Widgets.

The story unfolds in a rare and precious setting – an ‘agreeable place’ of hourses with grand covered porches that sit amidst large trees, gardens with flowers blooming throughout the seasons, and fountains that burble while children play in complete abandon. The rich detail is so inviting that once the author begins to introduce concepts about quantum physics and ‘particle widgets, the reader is already captured by the comfort and peace, and willingly allows their imagination to unfold into the science.

Jack & Mops’ Magical Adventures is also filled with references from well known children’s stories like Cinderella, and Paizs effectively weaves those familiar portrayals with fresh and enticing interpretation. Within this delightful book, the adventure is realized both within the printed story as well as within the reader’s mind, and its reading should be savored like a fine brandy,” quoting the current issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.

Yelm-area author Pam Paizs told the Yelm Community Blog about writing this book:

“This book was inspired by our teacher [Ramtha, the Enlightened One] and is what started the writing of this book a few years ago. It was completed this year. It is delightfully written and is a book for all ages and allows the reader to join the characters with vivid imagination.”

To quote Ramtha School of Enlightenment archivist Jaime Leal-Anaya:
“A fantastic story of the magical possibilities locked inside everyone, a story of hope and great adventure.

You can go on to the website http://newthoughtspublishing.com and read a sample of a chapter.

The book is available in Yelm at JZ Rose or directly through the website.

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