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From Thurston County Solid Waste:

Christmas shopping is in full swing. With the current economic and environmental situations, a great gift idea is one that can help protect the planet and save the recipient some money each year. How about a compost bin?

Thurston County Solid Waste has partnered with the Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County to provide subsidized compost bins for Thurston County residents. Our goal is to reduce the amount of materials going to the landfill and assist residents with home composting. The Earth Machine compost bin is $40 (an $86 value) and the Biostack bin is $60 (a $140 value). There is a limit of three bins per household. Cost for all bins includes tax and delivery and they will arrive before Christmas to anyone in Thurston County.

Organic materials, such as food waste and yard trimmings, make up a large percentage of typical household garbage, though they are very recyclable. By diverting these materials to the compost bin, you can reduce your level of trash service, which can save money. Composting is a great alternative to burning woody debris which is now illegal in many areas. Adding the finished compost to the garden provides plant nutrients, increases plants resistance to disease, improves soil texture, and reduces water needs.

Some people have a misconception that composting is hard to do, takes a lot of time and effort, is smelly, or attracts rodents and pests. In reality, its a quick, easy and clean process. The Master Composters provide free composting workshops, spring through fall, that provide step-by-step instructions. Inexpensive compost guides, such as the ones sold by the Foundation, provide easy to understand instructions. Just give it a try and you will see how simple it really is.

While you are buying bins for gifts, dont forget to get yourself one too. For details and ordering information, visit the Foundations website at: www.compostbinsthurstoncounty.com, email bins@compostbinsthurstoncounty, or call the Foundation at (360) 481-4204. Compost bins, books, and compost thermometers are also available from the Foundation.

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