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Dr. Andrew Iverson’s book, Photo courtesy of Trilium Foundation

Dietary Myths Exposed! Learn how to eat your way to a slimmer, happier, healthier you!

Tue, January 11, 2011
6:00pm 7:30pm

Gordon’s Garden Center, 308 East Yelm Avenue


Often funny, highly informative, and exploding with dozens of dietary myths, Dr. Andrew Iverson debuts his new book Natures Diet, which teaches that Nature has always held the answers weve needed for perfect health. If you think fruit juices, protein drinks, and granola bars are the way to a healthier, slender new you, think again. Dr. Iverson will share the clinically proven health model outlined in Natures Diet that has helped his patients boost energy levels, promote weight loss, and address chronic symptoms from allergies and depression to digestive complaints, headaches, and sexual dysfunction. You will also learn how artificial chemicals in our food and hygiene products are just as dangerous as the industrial toxins in the environment and how important it is to eliminate them through cleansing. Natures Diet discusses vegetarianism, optimal laboratory values, bio-identical hormones, medications, food allergies, vitamin D, and even sex! We invite you come hear Dr. Iverson as he shares his new book Natures Diet and unveils the nutritional secrets he uses in his own clinic to help patients regain back their health. Books will be on sale at the event and book signings will take place after the event.


From the Press Release:
“Naturopathic Doctor, Andrew Iverson, released his first book today [Dec. 14, 2010], Natures Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Natures Simple 21-Day Plan.

The book helps readers reclaim their health through natural foods and Biochemical Individuality. Iverson is the first to connect the proven concept of Biochemical Individuality with an everyday eating plan.

It is no longer necessary to stand by and hope that new advances will end disease, says Iverson. Our body can heal itself, and in this book I show people how.

In Natures Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Natures Simple 21-Day Plan, Iverson shows readers how to identify their Biochemical Individuality through a series of questions in the book based on physiology that can be reflective of epidemiological patterns (study of health and illness of populations) that have affected eating in traditional societies.

Perhaps the most vital step in Iversons process is helping readers connect destructive choices with long-term negative consequences by reestablishing brain neuropathways.

Iverson says, Patients in my practice who honestly examine their current habits are the ones who always make extreme lifestyle changes and see the most results.

Unlike fad diets, I show readers how to make their enthusiasm and commitment last a lifetime through the power of their brain.

Dr. Iverson’s diet helped me lose 39 pounds and 10 inches off my waist since my first visit three months ago, said Opalyn Brenger from Tacoma, WA. Thanks to him, I no longer require over the counter sleep medicine and caffeine to function.

Natures Diet is based on principals Iverson learned from a Naturopathic mentor who taught him how the healing power of nature could mend and regenerate the body with clean air, pure water, wholesome food, movement exercise, sweating, hydrotherapy, sunbathing, botanical cleansing, fasting, prayer, meditation and rest. In 1996, he began implementing those principals into his naturopathic practice with documented success.

Iverson says, The reason I wrote this book is because I realized that if more people were doing these simple measures they wouldn’t even be coming to see me in the first place.

I realized I had to write a book that encompasses what I have learned about Nature’s nutritional protocols that create profound health in so many of my patients. Everyone deserves to live long and healthy and feel young and beautiful. That is possible by following the principals in my book.

Natures Diet: Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy by Following Natures Simple 21-Day Plan, is available through Amazon.com and at bookstores nationwide.

Dr. Andrew Iverson
Photo from Trilium Foundation

About the Author
A Yelm High School graduate, “Naturopathic Doctor Andrew Iverson has been helping patients through holistic medicine for nearly 15 years. He specializes in nutritional medicine, pH balance, detoxification through fasting and botanical formulation. Dr. Iverson has earned a B.A. in Physiological Psychology and Pre-Medicine from University of Washington in Seattle, a Masters in Medical Botany from the School of Natural Healing in Provo, Utah and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Currently, Dr. Iverson travels extensively throughout the world exchanging traditional healing methods with native practitioners in remote villages and he practices Naturopathic Medicine as the founder and director at TRILIUM HEALTH, a holistic health clinic in Tacoma, WA.”
For more information, visit www.drandrewiverson.com.


CLICK HERE for Dr. Iverson being interviewed by San Diego’s FOX affiliate:
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