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Nisqually Valley News reporter Megan Hansen published Friday, February 18, 2011 her report titled:
Family devastated by water sale

highlighting the results of a mayor & city council who went after one of their own citizens in seizing water rights, which has left them ‘devastated”.

This story has been covered her several times previously.
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Excerpts from Hansen’s story reveal alot:
“Originally the two parties had battled over price. The McMonigles wanted $5,000 per acre feet. The city was offering $2,500.

When all was said and done it came out to $3,000 per acre foot. If the damages portion is included, the McMonigles will receive the $5,000 they originally requested.
[Ed. Note: However, regardless of damages, there is little left for the owners to work with.]

Both the city and McMonigles were surprised by the outcome.

‘Were devastated,’ said Charlotte (McMonigle) Zinski. ‘They (Ecology) stole from us, but what can you do?’

‘Sometimes you just have to take what they give and say thank you.’

While the decision isnt what both parties expected, they both are ready for it to be over…

Zinksi said the results leave them with less than what they planned.

Their creek rights were relinquished and all that remains is the water left on the water system at 50 gallons per minute.

We cant do anything on 50 gallons a minute, Zinksi said.

The familys plans to change how they use the property are no longer viable and the hay business is lagging due to the economy.

‘Its over for us,’ Zinksi said. ‘We want it to be over so we can pay some bills.’

‘This was just devastating, but we ate it. Maybe someone can learn from us.’

‘It is what it is.'”

Ed. Note:

This is again a sad tale where the City of Yelm continues to passover their number one mission – to protect their welfare, all in the name of getting more water rights to issue more building permits for more growth.
Yes, Mrs. Zinski just did not have the deep pockets or knowledge compared to the city using taxpayer funds of over a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees to gain these water rights.

This just is another ‘black-eye’ on this city as they continue to ‘shove-it’ to their own constituents.
Read more about the city not allowing citizens an occupancy permit to gain entry into their home.

In the NVN City Talk Column by Mayor Ron Harding printed Friday, February 25, 2011, the mayor said,
“With the accomplishments we’ve seen in the last year and the bright outlook fo r he year to come, I see us building the City of Yelm stronger and more viable than ever.”

Ed. Note:

Yes, this is grand and there have been many wonderful things happening here, yet the protection & welfare of his city’s citizens must be paramount.

The last year has seen an embarrassing array of actions by the mayor & city council eroding the public welfare!

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