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GUEST ENTRY: Leilani Macmillan’s letter to Olympia Sen. Becker

Leilani Macmillan’s letter to Olympia Sen. Becker used with permission:

Dear Senator Randi Becker,

I have read your email, and this one thing caught my eye.

“enact government reforms such as privatizing some state services”

This raises red flags for me. “Privatizing some state services” is just as corrupt as “fraud and abuse in taxpayer-paid social programs and services”. How can there be room for profit in services that now are struggling monetarily?

Privatizing prisons is an example. “Privatizing” means making it a business which must make a profit. This means there is corruption to fill the prisons to make the biggest profit, including the corruption of some judges to help out. It matters not if this means incarcerating as many juveniles as possible without fair representation at court, just as long as prisons are full and there is profit. And who pays for the prisons that are now packed? Taxpayers? Then, there is “slave labor” in the prisons…. I’m sure this is why the United States has more percentage of people in prison than any other country on this earth! For Profit, obviously!

Privatizing services of our government is going to cost us MORE, if not in money, then in human life. It will not be more “efficiently run”. The service will be trimmed for profit with more corruption in providing the service. How else can a business make a profit?

I seriously disagree with this very “Republican” way of running government. With all due respect, Senator, those who want to “OUTSOURCE” our government and privatize its services, are admitting they are not capable of running government. The intent of privatizing government services is revealed when Grover Norquist said, “Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub”. Those who dislike government so much should not be in government.

Reagan started a hatred of government that has become a real misconception. If we don’t have a strong, capable government that respects the people, there is NOTHING standing between the common people and the power-hungry, multi-national corporations that seem bent on crashing our economy, destroying our environment, and do not care about the people! The people will never be ‘served’ if a corporation wants its profit first. And no one can get a “redress of grievances” from a CEO! Forget it! So, this is in direct conflict with our Constitution of the United States.

So, please, I beg of you, Senator Becker, do not vote to dismantle our government. Privatizing parts of our government is NOT what people want especially when we understand what it means. I am sure this in not what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had in mind designing our Republic. Please vote “NO” to privatizing services of our government.

Thank you for sending emails!

Most sincerely,

Leilani Macmillan
Yelm, WA

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