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A 1972 F.B.I. composite drawing of D. B. Cooper

Bruce Smith, Publisher of The Mountain News, has been following information on hijacker D. B. Cooper. He and I have chatted a few times in recent years about his interest in the case, as I was in the airline business and specifically with Eastern Airlines in the 1970’s, when so many of our company’s flights were being hijacked to Cuba. This hijacking intrigued the nation in 1971 for the shear daring of someone to parachute from the rear of a 727-100 into the dark Oregon night.

Here is an excerpt of Smith’s report from July 31:

“Tina Mucklow is the primary witness to the DB Cooper skyjacking, but for the past thirty years she has been hidden from public view.

As described previously in the Mountain News, Tina earned her distinction as top witness by her lengthy interaction with Cooper. Not only was she held hostage aboard Flight 305 as Cooper made his getaway, he directed her to fetch his parachutes and money from the FBI when they were on the ground at Sea-Tac airport.

In addition, she had spent hours sitting next to Cooper as they circled the airport, and in fact, had lit eight Raleigh cigarettes for him while he kept his hand on the bomb trigger.

She also tried to extract important information from the skyjacker by engaging him in conversation…

On August 9, 2011, the world is about to receive its first comprehensive overview of the DB Cooper investigation with the national release of Skyjack the Hunt for DB Cooper, a compendium written by New York Magazine journalist Geoffrey Gray.

In Skyjack, Gray reveals Tinas residency in central Oregon, and this is the first public announcement of her whereabouts since Tosaw declared that he had interviewed Tina in the convent in 1984…

As for my efforts to contact Tina, I have written extensively in my Looking for Tina series how I have spent the past two years attempting to contact her via her family, friends and co-workers.”

Read more of the story, in-depth.

View more from Pete Williams’ report, this morning on NBC News.

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