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“Wall Street protests trigger local demonstrations, commentary and concerns”

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The Mountain News published a terrific story last weekend by Bruce A. Smith, portions reprinted here with permission:

“The protests that have been occurring in New York City for the past few weeks, known as Occupy Wall Street, have ignited a global surge of demonstrations that include a growing number of communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Tacoma saw its first organized protest Friday, …

In addition, a full-fledged occupation of Seattles Westlake Park has been ongoing for the past two weeks, according to the Seattle PI. Sunday, the PI reports that thousands of protestors marched Saturday from the park to a demonstration at Bank of America Plaza in downtown Seattle.)…

Further, Mountain News columnists Tari Parker and Paula Morris are reporting that similar protests are being planned this week in Chehalis and Puyallup…

The reasons for the protests are many, but perhaps they can be summed up by the term corporate greed. Specifically, demonstrators are protesting the massive bailouts of Wall Street banks and financial organizations, but they also point to a loss of power by the average person and the destruction of the middle-class.”

Read more from the full story.


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