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The Yelm City Council posted their agenda for their meeting Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 6PM that includes two gifts Thanksgiving gifts for citizens who own property in the city limits:

1. The 2012 City of Yelm $5.9 million Budget presentation and public hearing.

2. A public hearing & immediate vote for another tax levy on Yelm property tax payers.
“In order to set the property tax rates they must be identified in the adopting ordinance both by the dollar and percentage increase amounts and certified with the county by a November 30th deadline,” quoting the city’s Staff Report.

From KOMO-TV -4:
“The highlights in the budget, according to the city are:

Mosman Corridor Phase 1 design or construction based on State grant funding;
An effort to obtain funding for phase 2 of the SR 510 Yelm Loop;
SW Yelm Well 1A engineering of treatment system and reservoir; water rights mitigation projects associated with Deschutes River Farm;
General Sewer Plan completion;
State of the City publication;
Purchase of Yelm Library Building”

This clearly shows the city council’s disregard for their citizens expecting the public to show up for this meeting the day before the long Thanksgiving holiday begins & after the November 17th posting right before many will take off on holiday next week.

Was this designed this way on purpose?
Will anyone show up to make a public comment!
We’ll see!?

– An unaware and uninvolved public are Yelm City Council’s greatest allies in carrying forth their agenda.

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